archer lee eleven months

Archer is eleven months old!

Height: 30 3/4 inches (off the charts)
Weight: 21lbs (90%)

Meeting cousin Hayley for the first time

  • Started crawling at seven months
  • Points to things, especially lights
  • Started standing at ten months
  • Cruises furniture very quickly
  • Loves to stand on his knees and put his hands in the air
  • Dances to music
  • Makes animal sounds and doesn't say any words but acknowledges with grunts when you're asking him questions.
  • Puts himself to sleep most of the times.  Naps are great and have started to stretch out.  Can go without his morning nap.
  • Eats all sorts of food.
  • Eight teeth
Archie, you have my heart!  We pray that you grow strong in the Lord and always look to Jesus for your hope.  We are obsessed!

kennedy five years old

Kennedy is five years old!  Wow, five seems so big to me.  Kennedy has gone from being a toddler to a kid.  It's crazy to see all the ways she is grown up now.  Kennedy is an attentive and helpful big sister.  She has always loved babies and smaller children.  One day she will be an awesome mommy! Kennedy loves school and is very social there.

Height: 42 inches (90%)
Weight: 37lbs (75%)

Last day of being a Super Star

Fun Facts about Kennedy:

  • Conor is her best friend
  • Hates cheese
  • Loves one on one time
  • Loves dressing up- especially fancy shoes
  • Working really hard on her letters and numbers.
Kennedy, we love watching you grow as God's child, and we pray that you continue to be rooted in Him.  We love you so much!

violet three years old

Violet is three years old.  Ah, three! So far three has been good for Miss Violet.  She is enjoying playing with her friends more, she is exuberant and energetic, and she is a tenderhearted peace maker.

Height: 39 inches (90%)
Weight: 33lbs
 Violet is just the best.  She is super snuggly and loves to wrestle, sit in your lap, and climb.  She loves pretending to be a baby and being carried around or wrapped in a blanket.
Asks for a princess tea party every day after we drop off Kennedy at school

Absolutely loves to dress up.  Changes outfit up to 12 times a day.  Even for bed she chooses a headband and shoes to match.

Recently stopped falling asleep in random places but this was my favorite.

All ready for church with her backpack and her bible.

We had a mommy Violet date for her birthday.

Other facts about Violet:
  • Violet no longer naps unless she falls asleep in the car but loves to play with her sister during "rest time."
  • Knows all of her letters and almost all of the sounds they make.  Can figure out what letter a word starts with.
  • Loves Spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, and fruit.
  • Wakes up usually before 6 and watches a show until someone else rallies themself.
  • Enjoys her time with mommy while Kennedy is at school.  We usually get to read some books or play make believe.  Typically Jake and the pirates or Peter Pan.
Violet girl my sweet baby.  I pray that you know how treasured you are by Jesus and mommy and daddy.  You are our sunshine girl!

archer lee seven months

Archie Lee is seven months old!  We're a little behind on updates for him...Man, life is a little nutso.  But boy, we love our little dude.
Height: 28 inches (95%)
Weight: 17lbs 5oz (50%)

Facts about Archie:
The most obvious thing about Archie at this point is how ENERGETIC he is.  He is such a wiggle worm!  He started army crawling at 6 months, and he goes fast!  Like from room to room.  It's crazy.  He's up on his knees all the time too, but he hasn't figured out how to move his arms forward in order to crawl.  He's impossible to hold; he's always trying to leap out of my arms.  I'm not sure if his energy is a boy thing or just an Archie thing.

Arch has two teeth that he got while we were in Santa Cruz for two weeks.

Still sleeps in the weirdo swaddle sack.  I love this thing!  Naps are pretty bad... 45 minutes twice a day if I'm lucky, but he makes up for it in nighttime sleep.  Sleeping through the night most of the time.

This boy eats so much more than the girls did!  He eats a full jar mixed with oatmeal and whatever else I give him twice a day.  Still nursing 7-8 times a day.

Arch has some eczema on his cheeks and elbows, but it doesn't seem to be as itchy as Violet's was.

Arch, we are totally obsessed with you! We are so thankful that God surprised us with you!