four months old

Kennedy Jane is 4 months old!

Weight: 13lbs 3oz (50%)
Height: 25 inches (75%)

Yep.  You read that right.  75% for height!

At 4 months you:
  • Roll over from front to back and from back to front.  You haven't figured out that you can use rolling over as a means of transportation to get you where you want to go yet.  Hopefully that takes awhile because mommy is not looking forward to having a mobile baby... Ugh, the baby proofing.  I think it may be easier to move than to baby proof our current apartment.  It's an extension cord nightmare.
  • Giggle all the time and have even given a few real laughs to daddy!
  • Talk and scream the day away happily.  
  • Grab onto anything you can get your hands on and try to stick it in your mouth.
  • Sleep 10-12 hours a night.  Naps are, well, a little bit unpredictable...
You love:
  • When daddy blows raspberries on your belly.  It cracks you up.
  • Standing with the help of mom or dad.
  • Still the boob.  We're going to hold off on solids until 6 months.
  • Being sung to.  And you definitely have songs that you love. The Little Green Frog, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and the theme song to The New Girl are your favorites.
And are not into:
  • Still the car seat.  But it is getting better now that you can hold toys and stick things in your month.  
  • Not much else.  You're a pretty happy little nug.
Highlights of the Month:
  • Uncle Jimmy came to visit us during his spring break!  You got to go to the beach for the first time and stick your little toes in the water.
  • Mor Mor and Grandpa Cliff stayed with us for a few days.  We shopped, we went out to restaurants, plus Mor Mor cooked us delicious dinners every night AND cleaned our house!
  • Celebrating your first St. Patrick's Day.  Mom and Dad's second favorite holiday.

I love this picture.  "Um, mom.  This isn't funny anymore.  Can you take this thing off of me?"

  • Warm days in the 80's.  We love So Cal!

  • Skyping with Auntie Mimi a few days a week.  We are so thankful for modern technology!  

what's in a name?

I fell in love with the name Kennedy before Doug and I were married.  Since all of Doug's family has Gaelic names, my chosen girl's name was another sign that our marriage was meant to be.  It wasn't until I was 7 or 8 months pregnant, and we had already announced our baby girl's name to everyone on the planet when we decided to look up the meaning of our chosen name.

Kennedy: helmeted head, deformed head, ugly head


We decided that we still loved the name and that some ancient definition of the name wasn't going to stop us.

Fast forward 2 months.  Kennedy is born.  Hello beautiful.  She most certainly does not have an ugly head.

Fast forward 4 more months.  The doctor informs us that Kennedy has quite a flat spot or a "deformed head" and may, in fact, need be a "helmet head" for awhile.

Sorry Kennedy.  Our bad.

work it kennedy- whoville

Kennedy reminds me of a little citizen of Whoville from the Grinch when she wears this outfit.

work it kennedy- diy fail

So, I made these really cute rosettes when I was on bed rest.  What better thing to do with them than glue them to a headband! (Baby needs more headbands...obviously...)  What I didn't realize is that the headband would stretch and that the rosettes would separate awkwardly.  #diyfail.

Kennedy is wearing:
Onesie: Hand-me-down Gerber (12 months size!  Gerber onesies are ridic.)
Overalls: Osh Kosh for Old Navy
Tights: Deux par deux

work it kennedy- chucky

My dad was so excited to see Kennedy last weekend that he decided to buy her a special present.  "Hmm...what to buy my favorite granddaughter?" he pondered.  Then he had it!  Quickly, he turned on his computer and brought up Google.  What did he type in, you ask?  "Baby wigs."

And here, my friends, is what we received:

The best part?  The company was out of blond hair with pink headband.  As a special apology, they sent my dad not one but TWO beautiful wigs.  Man, are we lucky.  Wig #2: coming soon to a blog near you.