Oh girls.  You are the greatest.  You make my heart explode every day.  Every day is the hardest, most exhausting day, but it is so good.

Kennedy went to the dentist for the first time!  Fortunately, our dentist is Ben, one of our closest friends :)

Kennedy and two of her buddies made paper ballet dancing puppets at the mall.

This girl is obsessed with Cinderella lately.  Uncle Jimmy got her the movie for Christmas along with a dress.  Mormor and Gramps got her the glass slippers.  Sweeping in her slippers.  Just like Cinderella.

Occasionally, I can convince her to wear what I want her to wear.

Breakfast date with Auntie.  We miss her every day.

Baking muffins with Auntie.

Family trip to the Boardwalk over the holidays.

Oatmeal lover.

And some days she dresses herself.

Holding her head up so well!

This deserves it's own post, but Kennedy started ballet classes this winter!

violet two months

Violet is two months old!  Actually, she's three months now, but here we are...

Weight: 11-ish lbs (75%)
Height: can't remember but 50%

What an adorable little person she is becoming!  Her face is less newborn squishy and more chubster babyish now, and I LOVE it.

At two months you:
  • Give major smiles.  A lot of times they are close mouthed smiles which I think are just the cutest.
  • Wear size 1 diapers, 0-3 months clothes, and a lot of stuff your sister didn't wear for months!
  • Sleep a 7 hour stretch at night.  So thankful for my girl's sleeping habits.  Right now it is truly bliss.  
  • Stare at mommy even when someone else is holding you.  Do you already know who I am?
  • Nurse like a champ.  We've given you one bottle, and you drank it up, we we may be doing more of these.
  • Love to be held.  Like, all the time.  You are worn either in the Moby Wrap or the Ergo literally all day.

Violet girl, You are a true gift to our family.  Your little smiles make my heart want to explode.  Your sweet face makes me want to have 10 more babies.  We love you so.