love story- part two

We're continuing with Doug and my love story.  You can find part 1 here.

Doug and I spent the next two years as friends.  Junior year, I moved into the small apartment attached to the fraternity house (sounds scandy but it really wasn't,) so we saw each other pretty much every day if only for a few minutes.  The more I got to know Doug, the more I thought that he was excellent husband material.  Doug was paying his own way through school by bartending and waiting tables at the Madonna Inn.  He had a truck and was always helping someone move over the weekends.  Doug tithed every Sunday; he wasn't obvious about it or anything, but I was just hanging on to his every move.  Doug was home schooled and had five brothers, so he was a total guys guys and a bit awkward around the ladies.

There were times when we hung out a lot and other times when we only saw each other in passing around the house, but he was always the crush lingering in the back of my mind.

a particularly attractive time in my life.

Doug and I both grew up so much in those years.  We built life long friendships, studied hard, and just weren't ready to date.  Neither of us really did.  

Spring of Junior year.

Doug is getting ready to graduate.  He has an absurdly easy workload and is available to hang out all the time.  We go to breakfast every Thursday; we go out to bars occasionally; we cook dinner together (ha.  actually Doug just cooks me dinner); we make day trips to Santa Barbara; suddenly I realize that it's just the two of us most of the time.  But Doug is leaving.  In, like, a month.  Doug is leaving.  In, like, 2 weeks.

The DTR.

I know that I want to be with Doug.  I realize that if I don't make the first move, Doug might leave for LA to start his big kid job and never come back.  Sometimes, I think this may have been impatience on my part.  So, one night after going to a party at a friend's house, I decide to do it.  I say, "Doug, we need to you know what this is about?"

Doug: "No."  Liar.  

So I just bite the bullet and do it.  "What are we doing?  Do you like me or what."

Doug: "I don't know."

Lizzie: "Ok, then I guess we can't hang out anymore."

Doug: "No.  I don't want that."

Lizzie: "Ok, then I guess we're dating."

Doug: "Ok, we should pray."

Seriously, that's pretty much our conversation.  Doug and I.  Always great with our words.  So, we prayed.  We prayed that God would be the center of our relationship from the beginning.  And there began Doug+Lizzie.

work it kennedy- motto

Hi Guys, it's Kennedy.  You know, just writing my first blog post.  Now, I don't want to brag or anything, but my dad is an Eagle Scout.  He's taught me a few things in the five months that we've been hanging out.  I can tie a slip knot, start a fire without a match, and, most importantly, I learned the boy scout motto.  So when the weather forecast said 'rain' last week, I naturally went to my closet and grabbed my rain coat.  Nothing spoils a great day like water spots on my onesies.  And lets be honest, nothing says 'chic' like a great trench.  It's win-win.

five months old

I got a little bit misty eyed as I typed this out.  Kennedy Jane is FIVE MONTHS OLD!

At five months old you:
  • Go to nursery at church on Sundays.  And yes.  We were "nursery #5" last week.  Our number got flashed during the powerpoint.  I sprinted out of the service and immediately heard a screaming baby.  Poor Kennedy.  She had a rough morning. *Update.  We were also "nursery #7" this week...
  • Laugh, giggle, and smile all the time.  There is nothing greater than that gummy grin.

  • Can scoot around in a circle when you're on your tummy but haven't figured out how to go backward or forward yet.
  • Sleep in your big girl crib :(  We reclaimed our bedroom, and after a rough few days, you've adjusted to the crib and are back to sleeping 10-12 hours at night.

You love:
  • Your plastic ball, your mermaid, and your stuffed pigeon.

  • Going to high school group with us on Wednesdays. You love seeing all the kids and the staff, and they love having you there!  Mommy's girls go crazy over you.  One of Doug's boys calls you a puppy...he's confused.
  • Tummy time.  Due to the concern about your head, you spend most of the day on your tummy.  And you're ok with that.
You hate:
  • Not going to bed on time.  You've decided that your bed time is 6:30, and you get pretty ticked if anyone tries to mess with it.  This is making our evening activities a bit challenging...
  • Being stuck at home with Mom all day.  We have a much better day if we take an outing and see new people.  Even if it's just to the grocery store or Target.
  • Can't forget the car.  
Highlights of the Month:
  • Grandpa Carl and Grandma Chris came to visit!  It was so nice to spend time with them!  We shopped, watched movies, and played.  Kennedy was so happy to have them here.
  • Spending Easter with your uncles and Grandpa Jesse.
  • Driving to Santa Cruz to throw a baby shower for baby Charlotte Amelia!  We drove at night, and you slept the whole time!

ha ha ha

Grandpa Carl and Grandma Chris came to visit us a few weeks ago!  Kennedy thinks that her Grandpa Carl is pretty dang funny.

easter sunday

We spent a wonderful Easter with Grandpa Jesse, three of Kennedy's uncles, and Auntie Wratch Dawg (which we've decided is just not working and it's going to Rachey.)  We started the day with church and worshipping our God for the work that he completed through the his resurrection.  Such good news!

After church, Doug made us a delicious Easter dinner of pork loin wrapped in bacon, maple carrots, and mashed potatoes.  Kennedy got to spend time with her grandpa and uncles for the first time in months, and she was so happy to see them!

Is her Easter outfit not the cutest?  The dress and bolero were handmade by Grandma Vanda, and her bonnet is vintage.  A family heirloom, in fact.  It was crocheted by one of Kennedy's great great great aunts for her great grandfather.  

work it kennedy- hipster baby

American Apparel hoodie.  Jeggings.  Vans.  Next thing I know she's going to start riding a fixie, move to Long Beach, and listen to music that doesn't exist yet

Kennedy is wearing:
Hoodie: American Apparel
Onesie: Old Navy
Jeggings: Vitamin Baby
Socks: Baby Basics (not Vans...)
Headband: Forever 21

lizzie's list: nursing edition

Honestly, I don't know if I would have made it through the first few torturous weeks of breastfeeding without a few pieces of equipment, but we're not going to go to crazy here.  This is a list for thrifty girls, remember?  And as awesome as this little puppy looks, I'm not going to call it a "need."

So, what to buy in order to ensure that you have the best experience possible (because regardless of what you do, it's going to hurt like a mother.  At least at first.)

  • Nursing pillow- I actually have 2.  My parents bought me a Boppy, and a friend recently handed down a My Brest Friend.  If we're picking out our nursing pillow by names alone, I'm going with My Brest Friend.  
    • Boppy: I took the Boppy to the hospital with me.  It was brand new and very fluffy.  Turns out that there is such a thing as too fluffy.  Kennedy was so small, and it was so round that she would pretty much just roll into my lap.  I did not love it.  I continued to use it because, well, I didn't want to spend $50 on a new pillow, and now it's compacted down and I love it.  Maybe washing it before use could help this?
    • Brest Friend: I had the opportunity to use one at the hospital, and I contemplated stealing it.  Just for a second.  The pillow is made out of dense foam instead of fluff, so it sits flat and precisely in your lap.  For a newborn, it really seems like the better way to go.  Plus, it has a handy belt attached to it.  Michelle Duggar straps that thing on, feeds the baby, cooks dinner, she's my hero.
  • Nursing pads- Even if you're planning to use reusable pads to save money (or the environment for all you hippies out there), do yourself a favor and buy a box of Lansinoh disposable nursing pads for the first month because:
    • You're leaking too much.  Cotton can't absorb at the alarming rate.  I tried a few different disposable brands and Lansinoh was definitely the most comfortable and absorbent.
    • The reusable pads stick to your nipples.  Sorry for the tmi, but it's the truth.  Wait until you've toughened them up a bit before you subject them to even more torture.
  • Soothies- Everyone seems to recommend lanolin for sore nipples.  That stuff is crap.  It's basically vaseline that you're rubbing on your already extremely sore nipples.  If it works for you, all the power to you, but I wanted the good stuff.  My stepsister-in-law (complicated, huh) recommended Soothies to me.  You can even stick these glorious gel pads in the fridge before use for some serious comfort.  These bad boys are expensive and are only good for 72 hours, but they are so worth it those first few days.  Put some in your hospital bag.  Seriously.

  • Lactation Consultant- When my Santa Cruz bff had her son, she began attending a "lactation support group."  My conservative bestie had gone uber hippie on me (love you Leigha.)  Little did I know that she had found a gold mine.  If you have any trouble nursing, go.  You won't regret it.  Most hospitals have one on staff (freezies!), and you can attend support groups for around $25.  Best $25 I ever spent.  
  • Nursing Bras/Tank Tops- Oh how I fought this.  I had made it through my entire pregnancy without any maternity clothes.  No one told me that I would have to buy new clothes AFTER I had the baby.  Trust me, these things make life so much easier.  Nursing bras are a must; underwire bras can cause clogged ducts, and there is no use wasting money on frumpy wireless bras unless they're nursing bras.  Nursing tank tops are awesome!  You can lift your shirt up without exposing your entire stomach when you're wearing a nursing tank top, and I mostly just wear them alone with various cardigans and hoodies.  Easy access!
  • Breast Pump- I wasn't sure if I should include this or not because it's not an absolute need.  I had some engorgement issues, and it sure did make my life a lot more pleasant.  If you can, borrow one.  There is all sorts of literature from the pump companies saying that it is unsanitary to share breast pumps, but let me tell you, I am an engineer.  Looking at the design of breast pumps, there is absolutely no way that your milk could be contaminated by previous milk.  Just buy your own tubing and bottles.  (To be honest, I didn't even do that. I just sanitized the old ones.)

*The opinions here are just that, opinions.  I am not a breast pump expert.  Wait.  Yes I am.

love story- part one

I wanted to share a little bit of Doug and my love story, but first off, no love story can begin without the original love story.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

That is truth.  God is love.  Read it, people.  When I look at Doug and my relationship, the consequences of us meeting, and the decisions that had to be made in order for us to end up together, there is only one explanation.

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.'" Jeremiah 29:11

So, Doug and I started at Cal Poly the same year.  I was an incoming freshman and Doug was a transfer student from his community college at home.  Cal Poly was the only school that Doug applied to.  I chose to go to Cal Poly even though I had be accepted into far better schools like Berkeley (sorry Cal Poly) because I fell in love with it during admitted students weekend.

Freshman year.

Doug meets Ryan in his orientation group.  Ryan wants to rush the Christian fraternity, AGO.  Doug hears that there will be free food at the rush event.  He'll be there.

love that goatee.

Doug goes to the rush event and discovers that the Christian fraternity isn't as nerdy as it sounds.  (key word being as.)  He meets a lot of awesome, encouraging men and decides to pledge.

Sophomore Year.

Lizzie's roommate decides that we need to make some new friends.  I am perfectly content with the 3 that I have (my roommates), but agree to attend a rush event with her for LSM, the Sisterhood affiliated with AGO.  I meet the most wonderful, kind, God fearing women and decide to pledge.  See what's happening here?

AGO and LSM often had joint rush events.  At our first joint rush event, I meet Doug who is playing guitar at a bonfire.  "How often do we have these joint events?" "Often, you say?" "Oh yes.  I am definitely joining LSM."

Doug was just my type- tall, skinny, blue eyed, a little bit rowdy, and always down to do anything.

I'ved asked Doug a hundred times what he thought of me when he first met me.  All I get out of him is, "I thought you were cool."  Nice.  Once, after hassling him for a really long time, he finally admitted that one of the first things he noticed about me was how big my boobs were.  

Pretty much as soon as we met, we began hanging out all the time.  We had a little posse that did everything together.  Mostly, it was because my roommate had a crush on Ryan (they are now married,) but I got the bonus of getting to hang out with Doug all the time.  Doug and I had fun together, but I quickly realized that he was not interested in me.  Oh well, friends we would be.  So I thought.

Stay tuned for how I tricked Doug into marrying me.

work it kennedy- pink princess

A surprising amount of people ask me if Kennedy is a boy or a girl.


Kennedy is wearing:
Pink headband: DIY
Pink dress: Deux par Deux
Pink tights: Deux par Deux

work it kennedy- the tale of the fluffy boots

Our dear friends, Holly and Ben, have a two year old daughter, Addie, whom we borrow a lot of hand-me-downs from.  Last month when I arrived at their house for a play date, there was a small pile of clothes by the door.  Addie brought the pile over to me saying, "These for Baby Kennedy."  It was some stuff that Addie had never worn because it wasn't their taste, or they had something else too similar.  Imagine my joy and glee when I open a small box and see these:

The most amazing fluffy boots that I have ever laid eyes on.

Ben looked over at them and rolled his eyes saying, "Holly, you're not going to make her take those.  She doesn't want those stupid things."

I resisted the urge to sprint out of their house with the boots clutched tightly to my chest.  

Kennedy is wearing:
Dress: Vintage (Addie hand-me-down)
Sweater: Knit by Grandma Hulse
Jeggings: Vitamin Baby
Hat: Hopskotch
Fluffy Boots: Max Daniel