chuck e cheese

Today we went to chuck e cheese for our friend, Levi's, birthday. Kennedy really, really liked Chucky. Like waited for him outside his dressing room. 

House update

Welp, we are still working away at Casa Hulse.  Doug has done soooo much, and I thought that it would be fun to do a little update.  All photos taken with my iPhone...and I didn't clean up at all before I took these pictures.  You get what you get ;)

Before: Kitchen sink area

 Mirrored backsplash removed, coke bottle glass removed from uppers, dishwasher installed
We are also in the process of painting the cabinets white!!
Before: Kitchen and back door
After: New back door, it's hard to tell from the picture, but recessed lights added (lights in this picture are the pendant lights above the island)
Before: Wall of knick knacks
Another before: View from other side of the wall
After: No Wall!!! Wood paneling removed, new flooring and baseboards, overhead lighting, popcorn ceilings removed

Before: A view of the kitchen floor and island

After: New flooring, kitchen island spiffed up and painted
Doug also finished the island countertop last week!

Before: Master Bedroom

Walls are a greyed aqua, popcorn ceiling scraped, ceiling fan installed, rewired, new carpet

Before: Girls room/Star Trek memoriabilia storage room

 Wood paneling removed, wall is a light coral, wall sconce removed, ceiling fan installed, rewired, retextured

Before: Built in desk in girl's room/Armor storage
After: Built in

Before: Playroom/Storage Room??

Walls are a purple-grey, popcorn ceiling removed, wall sconce removed, rewired 
Before: Bathroom including avocado green flower stickers on the tub floor

Stickers are gone, new shower curtain, walls are a cottage white, curtains (in shower?) have been removed

One final before

And our most up to date picture!  White cabinets! Dishwasher! New oven! New island!  New lights!  We still need to put all of the doors back on the cabinets, cut down the tile over the dishwashers, and do MUCH MUCH MORE, but I am so proud of all Doug has done!

violet five months

Violet Elizabeth is five months old!  Man, she's getting close to one of my favorite ages- six months.  I love the beautiful baby skin at this age, the squishy cheeks, and the screams and giggles.  It's the cutest!

Stats at 4 months:
13lbs 15oz (50%)
24 inches (50%)

At five months you:
  • Are pretty darn good at grabbing toys and immediately bring everything to your mouth.

  • Love the jumper!  Kennedy loves it too...and keeps trying to climb into it. 
  • Squeal, scream, and laugh.
Should have cropped my worn out slippers out of this pic...I really need a new pair. 
  • Take two naps usually and sleep 7-7 with a 4:30 feeding.
  • Rolled over a few times yesterday.
  • Are looking a LOT like Auntie!
  • Are just the happiest, sweetest little thing!  We love you Smiley Viley!

  • We are also having a very hard time with Violet's skin.  She is terribly rashy and itchy.  Right now she is on a cocktail of prescription creams, but I would love to figure out the root of the problem.  I tried cutting dairy out of my diet and have now moved on to gluten, but so far, nothing is helping.  Please keep our little Violet in your prayers!