friday favorites

I'm not usually a big graphic tee fan, but this one from Old Navy stole my heart.

work it kennedy

Now that Kennedy is a crawling maniac, her wardrobe has become somewhat limited.  Dresses catch on her knees and most jeans are too stiff.  A few days ago she was wearing a pair of jean shorts that were too big for her.  I was trying to figure out why she was sort of dragging one leg behind her.  Oops.

Kennedy is wearing:
Tee: Target
Pants: Hand-me-down Target
Shoes: Vintage Nikes (my baby shoes)
Bow: Wal-Mart

ten months old

The little lady is ten months old today!

This last month has been a huge one for Kennedy.  She has so many new tricks!  On the flip side, month 9 was the month of NO SLEEP.  Hooooooly cow.  Will we ever sleep again?

At ten months you:
  • Crawl like a maniac.  The inch worm is gone.
  • Clap your hands.  Love this!  You haven't quite figured out context for hand clapping.  Clap when you're tired, clap when you're crying, any time is a good time for clapping.
  • Pull yourself up on everything.  It's a whole new world.
  • Eat a little better then you have been.  We're doing a lot of yogurt, cheese, and whole fruit that I let you take bites of. 
  • Naps are going great.  You're still on a two nap schedule.  It's the night sleep that is killing us.
  • Have five seven teeth.  The two bottom front, a molar, and the fangs.  Here's hoping this lasts until Halloween. *didn't work out.  two front teeth broke through yesterday
  • Juuuust started cruising.  A few steps at a time to get to a toy that you really want.
  • Still nursing.  You take a sippy cup pretty well, so I plan on giving you a sippy of breast milk if I ever have anywhere to go.  Not that I do...

You love:
  • Dancing!  You spontaneously break into dance moves constantly.
  • Your Baby Jamz chair.  It plays hip hop versions of baby songs.  Most ridic hand-me-down ever.  And by ridic, I mean awesome.
  • Giving high fives. 
  • Brie.  New favorite cheese.  
  • Other babies.  You go crazy.

  • Sleeping through the night.  Haha.  Now that you can pull yourself up, you wake yourself up and get stuck standing up at your crib.  This makes it very difficult to self soothe.  
  • You've started to have stranger anxiety toward men if they get in your face.  It's happened three times when a man is really excited to see you.  You start freaking out and crying hysterically.  Poor baby :(

Highlights of the Month:
  • I'm so tired that I can't remember...
  • Mormor and Grandpa Cliff came to visit.
  • Ridiculous heat!  We've been using our kiddie pool to beat it.

We are so thankful for you, Kennedy Jane!  You are the light of our life!

two things

1. Kennedy is working on mastering pointing.
2. That bow isn't held on with velcro or glue.

Love her.

friday favorites

Ok, yes, it's a boy's sweater, but picture it with white skinnies and kelly green mary janes.

baby girl

I hosted a playgroup at my house today, and Kennedy was the oldest baby there by a month.  She was Godzilla Baby.  Grabbing faces, playing the drums on a baby's bald head (slightly sad I had to stop that one), stealing toys: it was a crazy time.

 I look at her and I still see a baby.  My baby.  My sweet girl.  But we're in a whole new place now.  The only time she's a peaceful, innocent snuggler is when she's asleep.  The rest of the day she is all over the place from the moment she wakes up.  Crawling from toy to toy, pulling herself up on everything, shaking her rattles as hard as she can, eating everything; even when I nurse her she's pulling my hair, grabbing straps, whacking my chest.

This crazy time is so much fun.  Kennedy truly enjoys things that we do together.  She laughs and giggles with an innocent, completely un-jaded joy that slays me.

I started this post wanting to communicate how heavy my heart was over Kennedy growing up.  How I feel like I've already forgotten too many moments, too many things.  How I haven't taken enough pictures and videos, and how I wish I could go back in time and hold my sweet newborn in my arms again, just to see how small she was.  Becoming a mother has made me fear time like I never did before.  I think about the future, how close it is, and it frightens me.  Slow down.  Lord, let me live every second I have left with purpose, with intention.  Amen.

friday favorites

I'm a sucker for stripes.  They get me every time.

labor day weekend

Farewell summer, I will miss your white pants, kiddie pools, and long days.

I will not miss you heating up my house to 86 degrees, your termite infestations, and your "oh wait, my apartment doesn't have a hose that reaches the deck, and I have to fill up my kiddie pool with buckets" broken backness.

Thursday Night: Dindinagogo- a food truck gathering at a local high school.  I did my research and knew what I wanted: The Grilled Cheese Truck.  It's a really popular truck, and I knew that the line would be long, so I got into it right away.  Doug took off to scope out the rest of the trucks and find the friends that we were meeting.  One hour later- I finally get my food.  Meanwhile, Doug has been socializing with our friends, playing with Kennedy and eating a delicious giant hot dog.  When I got to our table, everyone was done eating.  I ate alone.  Let me tell you: my grilled cheese with smoked pork, caramelized onion, mac and cheese, and sharp cheddar was amazing.  Worth the one hour line?  Maybe once.  I definitely will not be ordering it again.

I was too starving by the time I got my grilled cheese to take a picture.
Friday: Sarah drove up from San Diego to visit.  We made avocado egg rolls for lunch, shopped, then we prepared for a girls night out!  After I put Kennedy to bed, Doug stayed home and gave me a special treat of girl time!  We went out for sushi and cocktails followed by lots and lots of dancing!  We danced for over two hours nonstop. It was perfect.

Saturday:  Doug spent most of the day baking and decorating cupcakes for the Dr Who premiere party we were going to that night.  I totally blew it by not taking a picture.  We don't even watch Dr Who regularly, but we're never ones to pass up an excuse to dress up in costumes and eat.  Kennedy was definitely the cutest Doctor in her extremely long multicolor scarf.

Sunday: Church, swimming, and a BBQ at Ben and Holly's house.

Monday: Breakfast date fail.  Going out to eat with Kennedy is, well, challenging.  We spilled a cup of water, had a diaper blowout, and the restaurant enjoyed lots of happy screaming.  We'll wait a few more months before we attempt it again.  The good news: it saves us a lot of money to always eat at home.  That afternoon we BBQ'd and swam with Purdey and Joe.

And on to bigger news, Kennedy learned 4 new tricks this weekend!
- She can go from the crawling position to sitting position.
- She pulls herself up to standing.
- She juuuuust started clapping.
- She has MASTERED the jumperoo!