kennedy four and a half

Kennedy Jane.  How are you possibly so big?

Fun Facts about Miss K:
  • Kennedy is a super sister and mommy's big helper.  This girl blesses me with her helpful attitude daily.
  • Kennedy loves accessorizing.  She typically wears a crown, large bow, necklace, and tights.  It's so fun to watch her develop her own style.
  • We're still doing school two days a week and recently she began staying for lunch.
  • This girl loves her friends.  She has so much fun playing with other kids.  Some of her favorite friends are Conor and Addie, Culver, Natalie, Aisley, and Melody.
  • Girlfriend will try any food and loves almost all of it.  She eats mushrooms, veggies, hot sauce, her tastes surprise me every day!
  • Can write all uppercase letters and her name.  Can spell simple things if I help her sound them out.
We love having fancy tea parties with Mommy's china 
Mom's day at preschool.  Such a fun time with my girl!

Kennedy I love watching God grow you as his child.  We are so blessed to have you as our daughter!

violet two and a half

My middle wild child is two and a half.  This girl is too much.  She is a lover of life.  Expressive and emotional.  Her ups are ups and her downs are downs.  She is physical, strong and brave.  It's a bit difficult to capture her awesomeness on camera these days because she can't be bothered to have her picture taken, but here are some of my recent favorites:

That's a pirate sword in her hand.  

Homegirl is protesting napping but can't hang.  She'll stay in her room for an hour plus but never fall asleep.  She usually passes out on the floor/couch/highchair by the end of the day.  It's hilarious and super annoying at the same time :)

She is obsessed with these jammies and wants to wear them every day.  Those boots are on over the footies.

Spends most afternoons digging in the dirt.

Fun facts about Violet:
  • Violet LOVES playing pretend.  She loves to be Jake, Peter Pan, or Mickey.  She assigns names to the rest of us (Kennedy is usually the girl character, I'm usually Captain Hook or Pluto) and stays in character for hours.  
  • Favorite foods are Cheerios with soy milk, spaghetti, fruit, and yogurt.  Violet has very refined tastes and often chooses to go to bed hungry rather than eat what I've cooked.
  • Miss early riser.  Usually up before six.  I would love to drop her nap if it meant sleeping in but she just can't make it.
  • We did a gymnastics class and she loved it.  We're now doing ballet which Kennedy and Violet can do together.
Violet girl, my sweet baby.  I love watching the little person you're becoming.  God has big plans for you.

archer four months

Archie Lee is four months old!

Height: 75-90%
Weight: 14lbs 3oz (50%)

Here is what our little guy is up to these days:

  • Has been rolling over from his back to his front (but only onto his left side) since three months.  He will occasionally roll from his front to his back and sort of slowly barrel roll across the room.
  • Smiles easily and has been belly laughing since three months.  Kennedy is great at getting him to laugh.
  • Transitioned from the rock n play to the crib. Puts himself down for naps easily.  Getting him down for sleep at night is hard.  He seems to wake up over and over again until about 9:00.  Was sleeping through the night after that but since we changed to the crib, he's been waking up more.
  • Nursing much more quickly now.  Maybe 20 minutes total.  Haven't tried a bottle yet.  Who am I kidding, I probably never will.
  • He's a super rashy kid like Violet was.  I've cut dairy out of my diet and it seems to be helping. Since we already don't eat a lot of dairy anymore because of Violet's allergy, it doesn't seem half as torturous as it was when I had to do it with Violet.
Check out those baby blues

  •  Overall a good natured little guy and an amazing blessing to our family.  Praise God who has brought us so much joy through this little one.