twelve months old

Our pumpkin is twelve months old!

Kennedy understands so much now!  She's totally becoming a toddler and doing all of the funny things that toddlers do.  She makes me laugh all day.

Such a big girl!
At twelve months you:
  • Say "hello," "dada," and "toes."  There have been times when you say other words, but these are the only consistent ones.
  • Do three animal sounds.  Dogs, cows, and elephants.
  • Know where your toes and ears are.
  • Play "How big is Kennedy?"
  • We can ask you to bring us a certain toy or book.  You know all of them.
  • Are one busy girl!  You can crawl SO fast.  All of our friends with babies your age comment on how fast you are.
  • Walk with your walker.  No steps on your own yet, but you're standing for longer periods of time.

You love:
  • Mylar balloons.  The grocery store is the highlight of your life because there are so many balloons to point to.
  • Your Cookie Monster stuffed animal.  Grandpa Carl bought it for you when he came down to visit us for your birthday, and it was love at first sight.  
  • People.  You are seriously, the most social little girl.  You love getting attention from people, playing peek-a-boo, and are so friendly.
Highlights of the Month:
  • Your first birthday party!  I have so many pictures that I'm going to do a separate post for it, but it was quite the event.
  • Mommy turned 29.  We got to practice blowing our candles out before your party.
  • You've been doing GREAT at nursery.  No tears and lots happy smiles.  
  • Your hair is long enough to do the "Pebbles" ponytail.  It lasts a few seconds before it's ripped out.
I don't usually let Kennedy play with wire hangers, but whatever it takes to get a picture :)
  • Mor mor and Gramps came to stay while Doug was in New York for work.  Kennedy got a horrible double ear infection and bronchitis while he was gone, so I was very thankful that they were here to help out.
  • Grandpa Carl came down for Kennedy's party, and we had a great time hanging out with him.  Kennedy HATED taking her antibiotics, and it took two of us to hold her down and try to stuff the antibiotics down her throat.  Thanks Grandpa for your professional help with that!

one. year. old.

My baby is ONE!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!  God has been so good to us, blessing us with you and choosing us to love you, shepherd you, and teach you.  Sometimes when I watch you sleep, my heart could just explode.  We adore you.  You have given us a glimpse of how God loves us and cares for us as his children.  Seeing how much you love your daddy and how much he loves you is one of my favorite things ever.  Happy Birthday to our little Nutty!

trick or treat!

Everyone knows that Doug and I love Halloween.  And in our pre-Kennedy days, we always said that we would continue to go to Vegas once we had kids.  ha. ha ha.  How life changes :)

Halloween morning began with story time at the library.  We dressed up all the kids in their costumes, and the librarian read special Halloween books.

Yes.  Sometimes I wear fake nerd glasses.  And not just on Halloween.

Just the madness of story time with this bunch.

My favorite picture from Halloween.  Kennedy tipped over backward due to her cumbersome costume just as the picture was snapped.
That night we went trick or treating with Ben and Holly in their neighborhood.  It was so. much. fun.  Their almost three year old daughter was super excited about it and dragged the seven adults that accompanied the kids from house to house as fast as she could.  Kennedy loved it too.  She loved seeing all of the kids, the pumpkins, and the decorations.  A few things that were awesome:
  • One of the houses had "treats" for the grownups.  Wine and beer in red solo cups.  Don't mind if I do.
  • Kennedy got A LOT of candy.  We totally had a bag for her and accepted candy on her behalf.  We got multiple full sized candy bars.  They live in a good neighborhood.
  • Ben made a delicious stew and served it in a carved out pumpkin.  Once we got home from trick or treating, we put Kennedy to bed again at their house (second time that week) and were able to hang out for awhile.

Fancy wagon

Daddy reused Uncle Jimmy's Mr. Potato head costume.

Love these three.

Rachey was a snowman.  

Mary Beth was a jellyfish.

Seriously, nothing beats Halloween with kiddos.  What were we thinking?  Yes, Vegas is really, really fun.  But Halloween 2012 (baby's first Halloween) was one for the books.