Sisters, sisters

Want to know something that makes me happy?  One of our friends at church always gets Mimi's name confused and refers to her as "Fifi."  Mimi came down to see us this weekend, and while we were at church on Sunday, I remembered this and told her.  She told me that she was going to go with it and introduce herself as Fifi.  Unfortunately, we never got a chance to talk to our friend, but the idea of it has kept me giggling all day.

Ah, what a glorious weekend it was.  Mimi brought good weather down with her, so we spent Saturday on the beach.

We played Settlers of Catan, watched movies, and I tried to convince her that the weather in LA is like this all the time.  See, I have to trick her into moving down here when she graduates in a few months.  Anyone need to employ a biologist?


Sooo... question... When can I start and when do I have to stop wearing my Easter socks?  Or can I call them Springtime socks?  Or can I just call them my bird socks and wear them all the time?  Birds are in, right?

Roommate Weekend

Last weekend I met up with three of my college roommates (and favorite people) for little roommate reunion.  We stayed at the Montecito Inn in Montecito (yeah, that was a palindrome.)

We did all my favorite things including:

Taking naps.

Eating Freebirds.

Attempting to take jumping pictures on the beach.

This little lady turned 26!

We celebrated with Indian Food and Cupcakes.

Mostly, we just giggled, talked, and laughed a lot.  I miss them already...

about us

Doug- My hard working hunk of burnin' love.  Loves Jesus, his girls, surfing, cooking, and puns.

Lizzie- Christ follower.  Retired engi-nerd turned stay-at-home wife and mom.  Loves clothes, dessert and cleaning.

Kennedy- The big sis.  Dance machine.  Loves twirly dresses, the Frozen soundtrack, and doing things "alllll by herself."

Violet- The peanut.  Happiest girl in the world. Loves banging toys on the ground, chewing on everything in sight, and laughing at her sister.


Yep.  I did that.  This morning.  Showered, I mean.  Yesterday, not so much.  I'm not going to lie, now that I have bangs, my hair can get through two solids days before it starts to look absurdly greasy.  It's awesome.  But, alas, bathing is not the reason why I titled this post "Showered."

Last weekend was my mom's bridal shower!!

Is my mom not the cutest thing you've ever seen?

We had the shower at my Grandma's house (the same place that I had my wedding.)  My Grandma is the world's most talented gardener (among other things), and she and my Aunt Rebecca made the place look absolutely perfect.

Addy girl is getting so big!  She's not a baby anymore!

Before the shower, my sister and I asked Cliff a bunch of questions and videotaped his responses.  We asked my mom the same questions at the shower and then played back Cliff's responses, Newlywed Game style.  Cliff's answers were so sweet, and it was the highlight of the shower.  I am so happy for them and excited for their life together!

The Hunger Games

Please pardon my lack of blogging.  I've been reading this book during every spare moment.  Please tell me that you've read it.  It's amazing.

This weekend was my mom's bridal shower which was SO FUN.  I'll try to get those pictures up tomorrow.