Kennedy's hair is growing at an alarming rate!  It won't be long before I can do pigtails. will probably be a while...but her hair IS coming in!

eight months old

Kennedy is 3/4 of the way to a year old?  Is it already time to start planning her first birthday party?

At eight months you:
  • Have a special scooting method.  It's sort of like doing the "up dog."  It gets you where you want to go.
  • The front of your shirt is constantly wet due to the massive amounts of drool that you can't figure out how to swallow.
  • Have one and a quarter teeth!  I thought that I would really miss that gummy smile, but the one toothed grin is pretty dang cute.
  • I don't want to jinx it, but I'm pretty sure we've finally transitioned from naps in the swing to naps in the crib.  This sure makes life a lot easier.
  • Really have the hand of waving now.

You love:
  • Sitting in shopping carts.
  • Sharing mom and dad's food.  You're not fooled by the pureed stuff that we try to trick you with.
  • Music!  We got to see two live bands this month and had a great time dancing to the beat.  
You hate:
  • Well, let's change this to what mom hates.  Being bitten.  With a tooth.

Highlights of the Month:
  • Spending Forth of July in Santa Cruz.  We got to spend time with so many people that we love!
Kennedy's 4th of July Outfit
Kennedy and cousin Carter 
Kennedy and cousin Charlotte with daddies
  • Hanging out in the church nursery for a week with mom while we volunteered at VBS.  We're hoping that this made you more comfortable in the nursery.
  • A week in Oregon and an amazing family reunion with Doug's family.
Kennedy LOVED her cousin Maddie
  • Lots of swimming and splashing.  She's our little water baby!
At Mallory and Josh's pool with Jacob

We had such a busy month, but Kennedy did great!  She loves being around a lot of people and is such a social little girl.

ps- It is so hard to get a picture of Kennedy sitting still these days!

pps- for those of you mathematicians out there, I just realized that she's only 2/3 of the way to a year...