First, let me just say that I didn't think I would like breastfeeding that much.  It seemed kind of weird and awkward.  I like to be a lady on the go, and I wasn't sure how nursing would fit into that.  At the same time, I knew that I wanted to do it because:
A. It burns 600 calories a day.  And I could consume all of those extra calories in chocolate.  Think I'm kidding?
B. Formula is expensive.
C. It's like, good for the baby or something?

In that order.

Anyway, Kennedy had a really hard time when my milk came in.  Think of gross porn star boobs.  (my apologies to any porn stars who read this blog.  I'm sure your boobs are very nice.)  Double that.  We're talking medium sized watermelons, people.

Now picture my teeny tiny newborn baby trying to eat off of that.  It's like me trying to eat off of a giant yoga ball.

So, yes.  We had a hard time at first.  But now we have the hang of it.  And it is so great.  It's easy.  It's convenient.  It's good for my baby.  And I get to snuggle 7-8 time a day with my little lady who isn't that much of a snuggler.

And now I'm thinking of becoming one of those hippie moms who "long-term breastfeeds."  Like, co-breastfeeding Kennedy with our second baby.  Just think of all the chocolate that I could consume...

three months old

Our little peanut or "Nutty" as we call her these days is 3 months old!  I don't have her stats for this month, but she's definitely getting big.

At 3 months you:
  • Have started teething (I think?)  Your nose is super snotty, and you're a bit fussy.
  • You're discovering your voice a lot more.  We had to take you out of church on Sunday because you were screaming with joy.
  • Roll over.  But still not consistently.  One day you did it 5 times in a row.  Both ways!  The next day, not so much.
  • Hold your head up like a champ.  Hello bumbo seat!

You love:
  • Your swing!  Pretty much all naps take place in it these days.
  • Sleep!  You've started sleeping even longer.  10-12 hours a night!
  • Splashing in the bath tub.  Man, it's the funniest thing.  
  • The whole new wardrobe you had access to when you graduated to 3 month clothing.

You hate:
  • Still the car.  It's pretty awful.  We're talking blood curdling screams people.
  • Having your nose wiped.  I never thought I would be one of those moms who lets their kid walk around with a nasty crusty nose.  Just another thing that I said I would "never" do.

Some highlights of the month:
  • Your first airplane flight.  We went to Santa Cruz to stay with Mor Mor and Grandpa Cliff while Daddy went to Winter Camp with the High School Group.   
  • Going to your first birthday party!  Jacob turned 2, and we got to celebrate with him!
  • Lots of play dates with your little friends.

  • Celebrating your first Valentines Day.  In your fluffy boots.

work it kennedy- party dress

Welp.  We made it home from Santa Cruz.  The plane flight was actually a piece of cake.  It's the drives to and from the airport that are pure torture.  This lady just does not like the car seat.  I feel like I'm being a terrible parent when I put her in it.  Should I just stop going anywhere?

Kennedy is wearing:
Headband: Made by cousin (love you Corinne!)
Dress: Koala Baby
Tights: Deux Par Deux
Sweater: Knit by my wonderful mother in law.  In 5 hours.  Seriously?

work it kennedy- traveler

Kennedy is taking her first airplane ride today (sans umbilical cord, that is).  I'm not generally one to freak out or get nervous about traveling, but I am panicking.  Daddy isn't going to be with us.  What if her ears don't pop?  What if the stroller breaks under the plane?  What if the flight is full and I have to sit next to a giant man who is squishing over onto my seat while trying to breastfeed her?  What if she screams the ENTIRE time?

Good news is: it's only a 45 minute flight.
Better news is: Kennedy slept 10 hours last night AND took a 3.5 hour nap this morning.  Mommy and baby are both very well rested.

Kennedy is wearing:
Onesie: Hand me down Old Navy
Jeggings: Vitamin Baby
Socks: Baby Basics
Hat: Hand me down

We will survive.

Work it Kennedy- Jeggings

Is there anything more delicious than baby jeggings?  I argue that there is not.

Kennedy is wearing:
Onesie: Another DIY
Jeggings: Vitamin Baby
Socks: Baby Basics
Headband: DIY

Work it Kennedy- Chub

Before Kennedy was born, I always hoped that I would have a super huge baby.  I'm not sure why; I think I'm just kind of obsessed with chubby baby cheeks.  Well here Kennedy is, and people are always commenting on how teeny tiny she is, but I think she holds her own.  Chubby cheeks-wise I mean.

Kennedy is wearing:
Outfit: Hand me down Carters
Headband: Etsy (hoping the matching shoes will fit soon!)
Socks: Hand made by Grandma Hulse.  Isn't she awesome?

Baby Moon

Doug and I took a little vacation to Oahu when I was 27 weeks pregnant.  Being the savvy vacationers that we are, we found a timeshare deal to pay for our hotel.  We stayed in such a luxurious hotel, and we paid less than $100 a night!  Have you seen the commercials for the new Disney Aulani resort in Hawaii?  We were right next door.

Unlike our normal vacations, I wasn't really up for staying out super late clubbing or going for hikes, so we spent entire days just laying by the pool, napping, and eating.  Oh, we also got multiple snow cones and hula pies.

One sad thing about our trip?  I couldn't get a spray tan since I was pregnant.  Holy whiteness.

The views from our room.  NBD.

Our hotel had big gas barbecues available for guests to use.  Say "big gas" out loud.

No trip is complete for Doug without lots of surfing.

And we'll just end this post with my favorite picture of the trip.  Belly picture fail.

Work it Kennedy- Pink and Grey

Carters must have had a collection of pink and grey clothes while I was pregnant because I realized yesterday that Kennedy has 4 or 5 pink and grey outfits!  No complaints though, I think it's an excellent color combination for a little lady.  Pink, obviously, is what she looks best in, and grey is the "it" neutral of the moment. Right Suri?

PS- Should I spell it "gray" or "grey"?  Which one is f-ah-ncier?

Kennedy is wearing:
Outfit: Carters
Headband: Boutique

Lizzie's List: Pregnancy Essentials

When I was pregnant, I loved reading lists of products that other moms used or found particularly helpful.  Now, I'm not one to buy things unless I REALLY need them.  Nope.  I am not a Spendy McSpenderstein.  Some may call it cheap, but if buying your underwear from Goodwill and taking home your leftover soup in an individual salad dressing container is cheap then I don't want to be a spendy.

So.  From a thrifty girl's perspective- what did I really need during pregnancy?

  • Pregnancy pillow- I totally scoffed at women who said that they "needed" a pregnancy pillow.  I am a champion sleeper.  A champion, people.  I never thought in a million years that I would be so uncomfortable during pregnancy that I literally couldn't sleep.  But.  You get big.  You have to pee constantly.  Your mind is swirling with fears, doubts, excitement, and squishy babies.  Doug surprised me after a weekend away with this pillow, and man, did I love it.

  • BeBand- BeBand, BellaBand, whatever.  I went cheap on this one and bought the one from Target.  Since I didn't buy a single article of maternity clothes while I was pregnant, I relied on this pretty heavily.  And no, I didn't make some holy pact as soon as I got pregnant not to buy any maternity clothes; I just discovered that I didn't really need any.  I used my BeBand to wear non-maternity jeans and wore a lot of dresses and leggings. *Confession- in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, the BeBand didn't cut it.  I had to use a rubber band on my pants AND a BeBand.*

  • And speaking of leggings- my mom bought me these while I was pregnant.  I guess you can't call this an essential because I totally could have just worn my normal leggings, but I loved the huge panel that goes up over your belly.  That same panel is great postpartum to hold in the post baby tummy.  Thanks mom!
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting- Whatever you do, do NOT buy this book new.  Every time I've gone to Goodwill or Salvation Army (to buy underwear of course), I have seen at least one copy of this book in the used books section.  Or borrow it from a friend.  If she's not pregnant, I'm certain that she's not using it.  I really loved reading about my baby's development, my symptoms, and all the other fun stuff about pregnancy.
  • Camera- even if you feel giant and kind of frumpy during pregnancy, please document it.  I love seeing pictures of my mom pregnant, and I'm sure Kennedy is going to love it too.
Auntie Mimi and I trying to get Kennedy to chase the flashlight.

P.S. I don't really buy my underwear from the Goodwill...unless it's 2 for 1 day.