fourteen months old

Kennedy is fourteen months old!

At fourteen months you:
  • Are officially a walker!
  • Have 13 teeth!  
  • Added "down" and "elmo" to your vocabulary this month.  And pretty much know all animal sounds.
  • Had ANOTHER ear infection.  Poor baby :(  I think tubes are coming soon.  
  • Sleep again.  AT LAST.  6:30pm-3:30am then back asleep until 7am.

You love:
  • Listening to music and dancing.  You have the funniest little dance moves.
  • Playing in the water table that Mor Mor and Gramps got you for Christmas.
  • Sandra Boynton books.  Sometimes we read the same book, like, 5 times in a row.  Over and over.
  • Looking at your belly button.  You love to show it to everyone.
  • Having animals or characters on your clothes.  I know, totally not something Doug and I love, but you get so excited when you look down and see a creature on your shirt.  We're actually tossing around the idea of buying you Hello Kitty shoes.  Who are we?

You hate:
  • Having ear infections.  Please go away and never come back.
An Elmo watching sickie :(
  • Taking antibiotics.  Seriously.  Horrible.

Highlights of the Month:
  • Obviously a wonderful Christmas in Santa Cruz.  We got to spend time with family, visit friends, and mommy and daddy even got a few date nights!
Kennedy and cousin Charlotte on Christmas Eve
Opening her water table on Christmas morning

Happy Christmas girl at Grandpa Carl and Grandma Zoe's house.

Spending a week with Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Mimi was pretty much the greatest thing ever!

A day trip to visit Sarah, Matt, and Savannah!

My roommate from freshman year, Molly, has a new baby!  Sammy is only five months old and is as big as Kennedy!
  • Another zoo trip.

Loves helping push the stroller.  Riding in it?  Not as much.
  • A freezing cold (low 50's) week followed by a hot and amazing (80's) week.

Cold days are the perfect time to use the indoor playground pass that we bought Kennedy for Christmas!

thirteen months old

This post is more than a little late, but Kennedy is 13 months old!

Weight: 21 lbs (50%)
Height: 31inches (90%)

At thirteen months you:
  • Understand I'll say 90% of what I say.
  • Nod your head "yes" when I ask you a question.
  • Have added the words "Mor mor" (my mom), "down", and "all done" to your vocabulary.
  • Walk!  But not well.  It's still more of a party trick at this point than a mode of transportation.
  • Have started to throw major fits.  I was hoping that this would wait a few more months...
  • Had two ear infections and got five new teeth.  Number of teeth now totals 12!  Needless to say, sleep has been going not so great.
  • Go down for your nap really easily.  This is huge!  We read stories and look at pictures until you pass out.

You love:
  • Feeding stuffed animals.  Especially cookie monster.  His mouth is the perfect shape.
  • Playing make believe.  We have tea parties, brush the hair of all of your stuffed animals, give bottles to your dollies; it is so much fun!
  • Walking around holding mommy's hands.
  • Reading books.  You finally will read in mommy or daddy's lap.
  • Wearing sunglasses, hats, coats, and any accessory.

You hate:
  • Being anywhere where you can't crawl.  In a cart, in the stroller, held, it's kind of terrible.  Errands are no longer a great excuse to get out of the house and see new things.  I'm thinking about starting online grocery ordering.

Highlights of the Month:
  • Kennedy was dedicated to the Lord at our church on Thanksgiving weekend.  We had lots of friends and family there with us.  Doug read the verse: 

“For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way.” Colossians 1:9-10,
  • Had her first Thanksgiving where she got to eat!
  • Auntie Mimi returned home from Germany!!!!!!!!! 
  • Spending an evening with my special cousin Corinne and her family.  We got to meet her new little nugget Eli for the first time.  He is a gorgeous, giggly little boy with AMAZING hair.

  • We got paid to go the LA Auto Show.  I had somehow signed up to be a customer reviewer, and it included free tickets and parking!   
  • One of Kennedy's besties, Nico, turned one!

  • We bought a Zoo membership for Kennedy for Christmas.  Our first zoo adventure was a hit!                                                              

  • Lots of fun Christmas adventures.  We went to the Holiday Stroll, to see the Christmas lights, to Journey to Bethlehem, and to a few Christmas parties.

Santa.  Not her favorite.

kennedy for president!

It all started with a tee shirt that Jimmy and his girlfriend, Katie, brought Kennedy from Washington D.C.  The shirt is pink, tie-dyed, and reads "Future President."  Awesome, I know.  I wish that could claim responsibility for the idea, but I just can't remember.  Someone came up with the idea of doing a KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT themed birthday party.  I mean, come on!

  1. Her name is Kennedy.
  2. It was election year.
  3. It was election MONTH.
  4. Her name is Kennedy.
It was perfect.  

Doug took some old JFK posters from the '60s and superimposed Kennedy's face onto them.

Mor Mor (my mom) made her a red, white and blue tutu.

We had her party at a local park, and despite a light drizzle throughout, the party was perfect.

Special thanks to "the Aunties" who came early and helped me set up.  Could they be any cuter in their patriotic attire?

Grandpa Carl and Uncle Brendan were able to come down for the occasion!

Uncles Cam and Owen.  Closer in age to Kennedy than they are to their oldest brother.

Kennedy learned a new trick: "How old are you?".  ONE!

Smash cake made by daddy.

Special thanks to my dear friend Purdey and Abby's husband Ryan for the beautiful pictures!  We would have had none without you!