blog dump

This post will be really random, but I'm feeling so guilty for having not blogged in so long!  Here are five things in no particular order about our lives right now:

1. Kennedy is hilarious.  She's been speaking in full sentences for about two months now.  Genius?  We think so.  But man, the stuff she says.  It's priceless.  Oh.  She also most likely has lyme disease.  She was bitten by a tick at my dear friend Jen's wedding in Petaluma.  The tick was analyzed, and long story short- she developed an unexplained fever and is on a 3 week course of antibiotics.  Who gets lyme disease??

Erm.  Sorry you're making a horrible face Doug.  But seriously, how cute is she crossing her leg like daddy? 
How jelly are you of Kennedy's bathing suit right now?

2. Speaking of kids.  This next one.  Baby Alice/Violet/Annabelle/Polly/MaryAnne.  Or not.  We can't decide on a name for the life of us.  I'll be 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I'm feeling great!  Since this is our last biological kid, I'm going to try to go naturally as long as I can.  And I'm using "try" very loosely.  I've taken no class, know nothing about how to breathe or birth balls, but I at least want to feel a few labor pains this time.  Dumb?  Probably.

At Jen's wedding.  And check out the outfit coordination.  Totally unplanned*.

3. The house.  It's coming together!  All of the floors are in, it's painted (minus the kitchen cabinets), and we have all but one light fixture installed.  This weekend we will be unpacking massive amounts of boxes.  I'm hoping to finish that up this weekend so that we can spend the next few weeks doing the rest of the projects that need to be completed (bathroom fan, adding shelving to the pantry, installing a back door, to name a few).  At this point, I don't care if the house looks cute or done; I just want everything to be clean, organized, and safe before baby sissy gets here.

Kitchen island needs new countertop, we're ordering new cabinet hardware, and the cabinets will be white.  Oh, and hopefully we will have a dishwasher some day.  That.  That would be awesome.

The current state of our living room.  

4. We still have a roommate in the form of Uncle Owen, Doug's 20 year old brother.  While I'm not going to lie, it's been challenging to have another person to clean up after, cook for, etc, he has also been such a blessing to us.  Kennedy ADORES him.  Doug would not have survived the 7 weeks that Kennedy and I spent in Santa Cruz without his company.  He's an all around awesome 20 year old.  It's been a refining experience having to give up control of certain things, and the Lord has been so faithful throughout it.  He is always good.  He has reminded me in so many details of this move how good he is.

5. Oh, this summer.  Despite the fact that we missed Doug desperately, we feel so incredibly lucky to have spent the summer in Santa Cruz.  My mom and Cliff are THE BEST.  Words aren't enough to describe how well they took care of Kennedy and me while we were there.  In addition to getting to be with them, we also got to spend time with so many people that we don't get to see often enough.  My favorite friends from high school and their babies, my dad and stepmom, my extended family including cousin Addy who was visiting from Utah, my brother and sister, my stepbrother and his adorable family, dear friends from college to who drove down for the day to see us.  Oh man, did we have a good time.  Kennedy got so much love and attention this summer, and I feel so fortunate that we were able to spend that time up there.

And that concludes my brain dump.  See you in a few months.  Hopefully before, but no promises.  Our life is cray right now.  Seriously.  Having a baby, buying a house, having a 20 year old live with you.  What the heck were we thinking??