kennedy three and a half

Kennedy Jane is three and a half!  Three and a half is so far very good for us.  Kennedy is patient and kind (for the most part) with her sister.  She is a thoughtful, gracious daughter, and we are so blessed to have her in our family!

Kennedy finally moved out of her crib and into a toddler bed.  She had pretty much stopped napping awhile ago, but I would keep her locked in her crib for 45 minutes every day.  I assumed that if she was in a bed, that would go away.  Fortunately, we have been able to work out a system where she *mostly* stays in her room for 35 minutes every day.  She gets bribed with a show or MnM's if she makes it the whole time.  She sleeps usually from 7:00-7:00 at night.  So far, she has never come out of her bed once she's in it for the night so that is a huge blessing.

Kennedy really enjoys playing with her friends these days.  If we spend the day with a friend (most days), she will interact with the other children the whole time and not require much from me.  Of course, I have to break up arguments, make sure that she is being kind, etc, but she's a lot more engaged with her peers.  She plays a ton with Violet now, and I can usually make dinner in peace.  Kennedy will be started preschool in the fall two days a week 9-12 at our church, and I think that she's going to love it!

Books: Thumbelina, Fairy Tale Collection, Ladybug Girl Books

Foods: Mac and cheese, peaches, goldfish, sausage, hamburgers, pizza

Songs: Let it Go, Part of Your World, Music Together Songs, The Grand Old Duke of York

Toys:  Painting supplies, trampoline, baby swing that she loves to push Violet in

Kennedy draws people with all of their parts most of the time.
She recognizes most letters.
Kennedy loves to hop on one foot and do other "tricks."  It's so cute!
Fully potty trained including nights.

As I mentioned in Violet's post, we went to Florida this month for Jimbo and Emily's wedding.  Kennedy was so cute as a flower girl.  She walked down the aisle slowly and carefully, smiling at everyone over her shoulder as she walked.  I'll have to do a separate post once we get all of the pictures, but we had the time of our lives!  Kennedy had a blast at Disneyworld, and even enjoyed a few of the thrill rides.  She LOVED meeting the characters.  She's still obsessed with suited animals.  She was confused by the princesses because they weren't cartoons, but still had a fun time meeting them.  I am enjoying watching this girl grow so much, and I am so honored to be helping shepherd her little heart.

Matching "white mustaches"

violet nineteen months

Baby Violet isn't a baby anymore!  Violet is such a spirited little lady.  She is very determined, loves to laugh, and can be very mischievous at times.  She is very physical and loves to slide, climb, swing, and go upside down.  We have been having so much fun with our little Vivi lately!

Weight: 25lbs (80%)
Height: 33.25 inches (90%)

Goes to bed on her own like a champ!  Usually sleeps form 7-6:30 and naps 12-2:30.  Violet loves her pillow, Simba, blanket, and a water cup with ice.  Unless she has all four, she will ask for whatever she is missing until she gets it.  Thankfully, she goes to bed ridiculously easy once she has everything and almost always sleeps through the night.

Violet loves to play with Kennedy these days.  The two of them chase each other around the house, Kennedy will read books to both of them from memory, and they love to snuggle.  Violet has a harder time with kids her size; she sometimes gets upset when other kids are playing with her toys or in her space but loves to be a part of things and play peek-a-boo.

Books: Nursery rhymes, Hop and Pop and all Dr. Seuss, Mr. Paint Pig, Ladybug Girl books

Foods: Yogurt, cheese, blueberries, peaches, grilled chicken, goldfish, and quesadillas.  We've discovered that strawberries and raspberries irritate her rashes, so we've stopped giving them to her.

Songs: Let it Go, Music Together Songs, ABC's, Row Row Row Your Boat

Toys: Violet LOVES pushing strollers around.  She will do this for long periods of time!  She also loves looking through the pictures of books.  Another favorite is the Disney Princess Little People Castle

Violet started speaking in three word sentences this month which is so nice.  She is such a determined little girl and gets so frustrated when we can't figure out what she's saying.  She loves repeating lines from books that she knows and can count to 10 with help.

Violet loves to scribble and draw, but still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.  This makes for a challenging art time.

Has peed on the potty once.  And speaking of bathroom stuff, this girl poops in the bath fairly frequently.  It's so bad!  It really upsets her, and she has been screaming when I bathe her lately.  Poor baby :(

Violet climbs onto everything including the kitchen table, couch, etc.  Fortunately, she doesn't tumble off anymore as often...

Loves to say "Amen!" after we pray.

Speaking of praying, when I was praying with her a few nights ago, I said "Thank you for Violet" and she chimed in, "For Mommy!"  Heart explosion.  Definitely cried.

We are pretty obsessed with Miss Violet, or Vivi as she calls herself.  Violet loves to speak in third person and LOVES her daddy.  We got back from our Disney World trip a few weeks ago, and had a blast!  Violet loved seeing all of the characters, going on the rides, and napped like a champ in her stroller.  She is still talking about the "fire" she saw at the lion king show and meeting Ariel.  She loved the waterslide at our hotel which we went down probably 100 times.  We love you Violet Girl!