Drawing a line.

Has anyone else seen these?  Now, I'm all for covering up a baby's baldness with a giant bow or headband but fake hair?  That's my limit.

Ultrasoundy Goodness

We had our, errrr, 5th ultrasound yesterday.  Yay for whacked out hormone levels...  I must say though, there is a major silver lining to my body's inability to produce hormones at the right levels.  We get to see our sweet baby girl (in 4-D no less) every 4 weeks!  AND my insurance has to pay for it.  So maybe my body knows what it's doing after all...


In the past 2 days, I've ordered an Ergo Baby and a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag.  I think I'm getting the hand of this 'shopping for baby' thing...

Ergo Baby?  Bought off Babysteals.com for 50% off!

Diaper bag?  Nordstrom anniversary sale!

Anniversary Trip

Our trip to Las Vegas was perfect.  In the past when we've gone to Vegas, we've always stayed at the cheapest hotel that we could find.  Some of the winners we've stayed at include Circus Circus, Motel 6, Hooters, well, you get the picture...  We decided that since it was our anniversary, and we would probably be spending a lot more time in our hotel room since I loooove to sleep, we would stay somewhere nice.  Doug did a lot of internet searching and calling hotel promotional desks trying to find the best deal, and we got a great deal at Aria.

The hotel was nicer than I imagined it would be.  Our room had floor to ceiling windows, a pillow top mattress, and a giant soaking tub.  Ahhh, heaven.  The highlight of the room was a remote control that controlled everrrrything in the room.  She was our own personal robot maid.  We could use it to open and close the curtains, change the temperature in the room, turn on and off the lights, turn on the privacy sign; it was awesome.

We hung out at the pool all day on Saturday and even managed to find two chairs next to each other in the shade.

We decided to go to a nightclub and ended up at Tao.  The three of us (Baby Hulse likes to groove to the music too) got our dance on into the wee hours of the night.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing craps, eating like kings, and taking glorious naps.  Happy Anniversary to my sweet love of 4 years.

19 Weeks

I'm almost half way there, and I'm starting to feel better like woah!  I haven't thrown up in almost a week, *please don't let this jinx it* and I have so much more energy.

Doug and I are going to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary this weekend in Las Vegas, and I can't wait!  We're going to lay by the pool, eat lots of delicious food, play craps, see a show, and maybe even go to club if I have the stamina to make it there... and if the bouncer doesn't notice that I'm knocked up.  I'm thinking a loose dress for that night...

An update on my pregnancy:

How Far Along: 19 weeks, 4 days

Size of baby: The size of a large heirloom tomato...um...not a good frame of reference for me...

Total Weight Gain: 7 lbs

Gender: GIRL!!!!  Man oh man, my every dream has come true!!!  I've been going headband crazy; I haven't bought any clothes yet, but I have tons of crafting supplies!  This adorable little dress was a gift from Becca and Kelly.  The headband?  Made by me!!

Movement: I felt her kick on Saturday after a long bike ride to the pier!  It's not really like people described it to me.  It feels more like a muscle twitch than fluttering or tickling, but it's so amazing!  I wish that Doug could feel it, but it's definitely too soft right now to get through the fat layers on my stomach.

Sleep: I've been getting up at least once a night to pee, but I'm actually sleeping pretty well.

What I miss: Stinky cheeses!  I'm going to ask at my Doctors visit this week if I can eat them if they're made with pasteurized milk.  I may or may not have been eating them anyway lately...  Baby wants them...

Cravings: Shave ice!  A few weeks ago Rachel and I went on "Mission Find Shaved Ice."  We found out that they sold it at the Hermosa Beach pier.  Since then, I've discovered that shave ice is the new cupcakes, and there are little shops popping up everywhere!

Symptoms: Huuuuge boobs, shortness of breath after freaking walking across a room, loss of bladder control (tmi? but seriously, I feel like I'm on the verge of peeing my pants at all times...)

Maternity Clothes: I haven't bought any actual maternity clothes, but I have bought some new tops to accommodate my growing bump.  I'll get some pictures of them while we're in Vegas.

Best Moment this week: Feeling her kick!

And now, a bump picture!  I'm showing!  But I have to belt my clothes to clarify that I'm not just a little puffy down there.

P.S. Between the time I started writing this post and actually posted it, I barfed.