happy birthday violet!

I just found this post in my drafts... seven months ago now but here we go!

Yesterday our sweet Violet girl turned one!  We met some family at the park by our house and had a little celebration for our sweet girl.  Violet had a little bit of a rough time. Maybe she was depressed about getting a year older or maybe it's the three molars coming in along with a double ear infection being treated with a medication that gives her a terrible stomach ache.

The highlight of her party was consuming the beautiful cake that Auntie Leana made for her.  We had a "violet" party with purple decor, so Leana made her a purple ombre smash cake with violets piped on the top.  It was so cute and Violet LOVED it.  She ate almost all of it and it was at least three cupcakes worth of cake!

Violet, as you grow into a little girl, I pray that you will continue to bring joy to those around you.  I pray that you will be a sister who encourages and forgives.  I pray that you will be eager to learn, brave, and confident of your identity in Christ.  You are so loved.

life lately

I had to do an update because Violet has literally exploded with life in the past two months!  It started with a week where she learned how to clap her hands, stand on her own, and put a ball into a hole.  From there, she has said her first words, taken her first steps, and is so interactive.

The words she says are: Elmo, Mormor, Bunny, "haha" for monkey, and she clicks her tongue for horses and ducks.

She's definitely not using walking as her mode of transportation yet, but she can do it when prompted!

I can't believe she's going to be one in less than two weeks!  My BABY!!!!

And for your entertainment, here are some funny things that Kennedy has said recently:
"Mom, when I get to be a grownup, I can drink wine and cut with a BIG knife."

Sure sweetie, just not at the same time...

While reading Snow White and seeing the witch's magic potion: "Mommy, that's her wine."

Um, I didn't think I had a wine problem, but maybe I do??