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I had to do an update because Violet has literally exploded with life in the past two months!  It started with a week where she learned how to clap her hands, stand on her own, and put a ball into a hole.  From there, she has said her first words, taken her first steps, and is so interactive.

The words she says are: Elmo, Mormor, Bunny, "haha" for monkey, and she clicks her tongue for horses and ducks.

She's definitely not using walking as her mode of transportation yet, but she can do it when prompted!

I can't believe she's going to be one in less than two weeks!  My BABY!!!!

And for your entertainment, here are some funny things that Kennedy has said recently:
"Mom, when I get to be a grownup, I can drink wine and cut with a BIG knife."

Sure sweetie, just not at the same time...

While reading Snow White and seeing the witch's magic potion: "Mommy, that's her wine."

Um, I didn't think I had a wine problem, but maybe I do??

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  1. Lizzie - so very much love coming to your blog every so often to catch up on the girls, the milestones, the funny things they say and do - and the beautiful pictures. You do such a great job of keeping us all informed! Much love to you all!