violet ten months

Violet is ten months old!
Stats at 9 Months- Height: 28 inches (75%) Weight: 19lbs 3oz (75%)

Oh, how we love this little nugget.  She is a busy bee these days, crawling around exploring everything!

At ten months you:

  • Have six teeth.  They all came in at once, and they are so great!  They look so funny and large in your mouth.  I love it. 
  • Have the most delicious thunder thighs I've ever seen.  They're truly glorious.  I just want to gobble them up.
  • Crawl and pull up on everything.
  • Point.  This is my favorite.
  • Love food!  You love to eat table food, yogurt, purees; you'll take it all.  
  • Love banging on the table like it's a big drum.  Music class must really be influencing you :)
  • Are still a total mama's girl and I love it.
  • Also, we don't sleep anymore.  I've sleep trained you to go to sleep by yourself initially, but you wake up every hour or so and have to be nursed back to sleep.  I'm so tired.

Violet Elizabeth, you are a gift from the Lord.  My prayer for you is that continue to bring joy to those around you and be a reflection of Christ's love.  

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