a few new house updates

So, I've been in major purge mode lately.  We have so much junk that we never use, and I want it out of here!  I've been taking stuff to the Goodwill, handing down baby items to friends, and- the funnest thing- selling stuff on eBay and craigslist.  Any money I make, I can justify spending on house stuff because, duh. Free money.  Some stuff has sold for a lot more than I thought it would (7 year old pottery barn pillow cases for $27!), some has sold for very little (99 cent never worn pumps), and some is sitting in our closets waiting for some lucky person to scoop it up at a bargain price (brand new subwoofer?  anyone?). Anyway, I'm having fun with it and enjoying the emptier closets and decluttering process.

Moving on, here are some of the updates we've done lately:

  • Added a chalkboard behind the range.  Ordered a cheapo one off of amazon, then Doug used some "reclaimed wood" to create a chunkier border.
We had an engagement party for Owen and Leana last weekend.  She's now in charge of any and all future chalkboard drawings.

  •  Bought new couch pillows that are more modern.  Next up for the couch is to order a new cover.  I'm thinking a medium grey.  And hopefully not as sloppy looking...

  •  Another "reclaimed wood" project.  Doug built me a new media console for a "house-aversarry" present.  I make up holidays to get stuff ;)  I still need to stage it with cute stuff, but I love it so much!

I have never liked our old one, and I'm so glad to see it go!  

  • An amazing Mother's Day present from my in-laws.  Replaced the clock, which had recently stopped working, on my gallery wall. 

  •  New side table to replace the clunky mahogany one that was there before.  This change made a huge difference!

 And lastly, I found this gem of what the house looked like one year ago when I thought I would never have a home again!

And look at it now!

kennedy two and a half

Wow!  I have a two and a half years old!  Whew, doing the toddler thing is tough.  Patience in the midst of the agony of letting a two year old dress herself and the comforting of a sad toddler over dinner put on her plate in the wrong order is really hard, but it comes with so much joy!

My favorite things that Kennedy has said lately:
  • "Thank you for my baby sister mommy!"
  • "I made a BIIIIIG poop!"
  • "I like your booby mommy.  I like your BIG booby."  Apparently I have one big boob and one little boob?
  • "I went in the house at nursery, and Conor came in to see me and I told him 'Leave me alone!'"

Kennedy loves:
  • All things princess and dressing up.  Our dress up collection is awesome, and Kennedy requests that her dress be unbuttoned as soon as we get home so that she can take it on and off to try on her different costumes.
  • Watching tv (sad but true.  We try to limit it to less than an hour a day.)
  • Taking care of her dolls and babies.
  • Playing in the back yard.
  • Dancing.  Especially to the Frozen soundtrack. I know.  We're those people.  But it's SO GOOD!
  • Singing.  We have doing doing a little music class through music together and we LOVE it.
  • Washing her hands in the sink.
  • Wearing dresses that she can twirl in.  In fact, they're pretty much all she'll wear these days unless I distract her as I'm trying to get her dressed with the tv on and M&M's in her mouth.

Kennedy knows:
  • Who made the world and everything in it.
  • Everyone in the family's full name.
  • Countless songs.
  • How to climb up onto just about anything.
  • How to make her baby sister crack up.
  • How to go to the bathroom like a big girl!  She's completely potty trained except for night and naps and has only had two accidents.  They were both in the first few days of potty training, so we're doing really well!

Kennedy is tentative and shy in a lot of situations.  She is not one for large groups or parties.  She loves spending time alone with mommy or daddy and is very nurturing and concerned about others.

She also got her first haircut.  Doug basically gathered up her mullet in his hand and snipped it off in one cut.  It looks super cute and still makes pretty epic pigtails.

Kennedy, I pray that we can love you the way that you need to be loved and nurture your uniqueness.  That we can teach you how to love the Lord and put others before yourself.  We love you more than you will ever know Kennedy Jane.