eighteen months old

Kennedy is eighteen months old, and man, is she keeping us on our toes!

Cinco De Mayo rocking her dress that Mor Mor and Gramps got her in Mexico.

At eighteen months you:
  • Run, climb, dance, and are oh so silly.
  • Speak in some sentences.  One of Kennedy's favorite things to do is identify who things belong to.  "Dis is Owen's." "Dis is Dada's." "Dis is Mimi's."
  • Looooove your pacifier.  Kennedy will walk over to the dresser where we keep it and say, "No baba, no baba?"  Or sometimes just look at it and say, "Hiiiii!" and wave at it.
  • Sleep through the night.  Every night.  Bliss.
  • Know the hand motions to most nursery rhymes.
  • Throw major temper tantrums.  We were at the doctor today, and she told us that Kennedy is very "advanced" in this area after witnessing a tantrum. *yay*
  • Are the sweetest, cutest, most delightful little girl.  You love giving hugs and kisses, and we can't get enough of you!

You love:
  • Elmo and the gang.  It's one of the first things you ask for when you wake up in the morning after "Mo mo" (oatmeal).

  • Uncle Owen.  Or as you call him, "Wohwoh."  Or as Mimi calls him, "Uncle Bobo."
  • Swinging on the swings at the park.  It's an obsession.  We're talking an hour long swing and tantrum when we have to get out because another kid is waiting.
  • Water play!  The splash pad near our house recently opened up for the summer, and we are enjoying it to the fullest!
  • Babies!  I wonder if you will like babies this much when your little sister comes along?  I hope so!

You hate:
  • Not getting your way.  See: tantrums.
  • Still having a verrrry hard time with veggies.

Highlights of the Months:
  • Traveling up to Santa Cruz for a baby shower for Cliff's daughter, Mollie's baby girl.
  • Auntie Mimi came to visit us!  Kennedy looooves Auntie Mimi and followed her around saying, "Mimi, Mimi?".
  • Finding out that Kennedy is going to have a baby SISTER!!!
  • Lots of storytimes and play with friends!

  • Celebrating Mother's Day with our sweet family.  

We love you Miss K!


Kennedy's ear tubes surgery was a huge success!  They have been in place for over a month now, and she has been doing fabulously.  The surgery was easy-peasy.  Seriously, it took about 5 minutes.

Here's a few pictures from the day.

The 5:30am wakeup didn't seem to phase our munchkin.

Waiting patiently with daddy to be admitted.

The hospital gown was a teeeeny bit big on her.

Kennedy gets a dose of the good stuff.  Kennedy almost immediately becomes a space cadet.

And laughs like a stoner every time someone smiles at her.
 A male nurse took her away to the operating room, and she didn't even care.  She went straight to him and was taken away.  Doug and I went downstairs to grab a sandwich, and by the time I finished the sandwich, she was done!  Three hips for modern medicine!

And here's Kennedy in her new floral skinnies that daddy bought for her.  I wish they came in my size...

a new pad?

This isn't facebook announced or anything yet, but Doug and I are currently in escrow on a house!  I wanted to put up some pictures so that our family and friends could see what it looks like.  They are definitely "before" pictures :)

Backyard Jungle

View of the house from the backyard

Detached Garage

Side Yard

Back Door

Kitchen.  Love the mirror above the backsplash :)

Facing the breakfast area from in the kitchen (laundry on the right).

Breakfast nook.  Hard to tell but that's an island covered with stuff on the left.

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2.  love the wood paneling

Fancy built in desk in bedroom #2.


There's also a bedroom #3 that was too jammed full of stuff to take pictures of.  Hopefully we will have some "after" pictures to share in a few months!