house updates

We are still plugging along on our house.  The never ending to do list...  I thought I'd share an update of the things that we have done lately.  I may be forgetting some stuff but I do have some pictures so here we go!

Last year we got a new roof, new couch and painted the exterior.

Here's the post-roof, pre-paint before picture.  New facia boards had already been put on to replace the termite eaten old ones. 
After: We painted the house gray with white trim.  The front door is teal.  Doug also made this cool address sign out of pallets. 
We also worked on the kid's rooms.  Archer's room got some fun decals, our changing table got a glossy black makeover, and we put up some new art.

The girl's got a bunk bed!  They are loving it so far, and I am loving that we were able to move a lot of the big toys into their room with all of the space!

A few weeks ago we also got air conditioning!  I am looking forward to that this summer!!!!

I'm pretty sure we're going to have our house done just in time to move...