kennedy for president!

It all started with a tee shirt that Jimmy and his girlfriend, Katie, brought Kennedy from Washington D.C.  The shirt is pink, tie-dyed, and reads "Future President."  Awesome, I know.  I wish that could claim responsibility for the idea, but I just can't remember.  Someone came up with the idea of doing a KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT themed birthday party.  I mean, come on!

  1. Her name is Kennedy.
  2. It was election year.
  3. It was election MONTH.
  4. Her name is Kennedy.
It was perfect.  

Doug took some old JFK posters from the '60s and superimposed Kennedy's face onto them.

Mor Mor (my mom) made her a red, white and blue tutu.

We had her party at a local park, and despite a light drizzle throughout, the party was perfect.

Special thanks to "the Aunties" who came early and helped me set up.  Could they be any cuter in their patriotic attire?

Grandpa Carl and Uncle Brendan were able to come down for the occasion!

Uncles Cam and Owen.  Closer in age to Kennedy than they are to their oldest brother.

Kennedy learned a new trick: "How old are you?".  ONE!

Smash cake made by daddy.

Special thanks to my dear friend Purdey and Abby's husband Ryan for the beautiful pictures!  We would have had none without you!

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