work it kennedy- traveler

Kennedy is taking her first airplane ride today (sans umbilical cord, that is).  I'm not generally one to freak out or get nervous about traveling, but I am panicking.  Daddy isn't going to be with us.  What if her ears don't pop?  What if the stroller breaks under the plane?  What if the flight is full and I have to sit next to a giant man who is squishing over onto my seat while trying to breastfeed her?  What if she screams the ENTIRE time?

Good news is: it's only a 45 minute flight.
Better news is: Kennedy slept 10 hours last night AND took a 3.5 hour nap this morning.  Mommy and baby are both very well rested.

Kennedy is wearing:
Onesie: Hand me down Old Navy
Jeggings: Vitamin Baby
Socks: Baby Basics
Hat: Hand me down

We will survive.

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