It came at last- Pt. 1

 Halloween weekend was everything I hoped it would be.  We had a few hiccups that initially made the trip a bit stressful, but everything worked out in the end.  I forgot my company gas card and didn't realize it until we were on our way.  Also, my brother got dropped from his flight because it was delayed, and he wasn't going to be able to make his connecting flight.  Thankfully, he ended up making it out on Friday night only two hours after he was originally supposed to.

Very excited after Jimmy's late arrival!
Saturday night, we dressed up in our costumes.  I'm not going to lie; I was pretty proud of how our Halloween costumes turned out.  Almost everything was made from scratch, not store bought.  This not only saved us a ton of money but also made our costumes totally unique.  I had read in a few news articles that Toy Story costumes were going to be one of the most popular this year, but we did not see a single other adult group with that theme.  Ohhhh, they meant that children would want to dress up as Toy Story.  Grown ups want to dress up as Nurses, Victoria's Secret Angels, and Mammogram Machines...apparently...
Here we are!  Mike, Jen and Jamie were Army Men (and Women), Kelly was Jesse, I was Tour Guide Barbie, Rachel was Bo Peep, Doug was Woody, Brent was Buzz, and Jimmy was Mr. Potato head.  Doug sewed his vest with a needle and thread, hand drew red plaid on his yellow shirt, and made my pillbox hat from a Nesquik box.  I made Jimmy's Mr. Potato head costume, and Kelly, Rachel, Jamie and Brent all handmade theirs.  What a creative group we have!

Buzz and Woody both wrote "Andy" on the bottoms of their feet.  Also, Doug designed his own a pull string (see the red loop on his back?).  He would say things like, "Reach for the sky!" and "I've got the hots for barbie!" (he made that one up himself) when it was pulled.  He made it spring loaded so that it would actually pull out and snap back in.  What an engineer.

Brent mounted little red flashing lights all over his costume so that he lit up in the nightclub.  It was a great night and so much fun to dress up.  So fun, in fact, that Doug actually wore his costume through most of the weekend.

Yep, everyone is is in normal clothes, on our way to lunch.  But there's my husband, halfway dressed as Woody.  He's a pretty silly boy.  I sure love him.


  1. Love this. And that you mentioned Doug's desire to wear his costume all weekend :)

  2. Even more impressed with the fact that all of the costumes were hand made - WOW - you guys are a very talented bunch! Such fun! Tina & LL