Dougie's Birthday

 The man of my dreams turned 29! 

I am so incredibly blessed to have Doug as my husband.  I love his desire to be a servant of the Lord; I love watching him become a courageous man of God.  Especially in the last year, I have seen many areas of his life transform as he walks closer with Jesus.  I am so thankful that he is the head of my household. I am grateful for the wisdom that he brings to our family.  He is always steady and logical amidst my impulsiveness.  One of my favorite qualities about Doug is that he loves being a host.  The highlight of Doug's life is when he gets to cook breakfast when we have friends staying the weekend, bake fancy cupcakes for a game night, or fry his own chips for some delicious nachos.  He finds joy in serving others in this way, and what's not to love about that? I also love laughing with him, adventuring with him, vacationing with him, and pretty much doing everything else with him.  Except surfing with him...that's his man time.  But he sure looks sexy when walks up from the beach in his wetsuit.

Poor Doug... his birthday always falls right around Thanksgiving.  Next year, it's actually on Thanksgiving.  This year, he got to spend his birthday in a car for 8 hours driving up to Santa Cruz.  Once we got up to Santa Cruz, Doug was surprised with some red velvet cupcakes, homemade egg nog, and some birthday gifts.

I love him.

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  1. Is his birthday the 24th?! I think he and Brian share their birthdays!