Happy Birthday to me!

This weekend, my mom and sister are coming down to visit me with their respective man-candies so that we can celebrate my birthday.  Man, I sure do love them. 

  My mom is allergic to wheat and sometimes eats bizarre things in order to satisfy her cravings.  This particular night, she was craving pizza, so she took gluten-free ginger snaps and melted cheese and pepperoni on them.  This is why I love her.

 This is a little note I wrote for my sister when I was about eight years old.  She currently has it hanging on her wall.  In case you can't read it:
My Sister <3

She says "w"s for "r"s like "wadical wock newds"
(radical rock Nerds, our favorite childhood candy, I think we called them "radical rock" because the nerds on the candy box had guitars and microphones?)
She likes to play with dolls and dress up
She likes to give you things like flowers and pretty pictures
She is four
Her name is Stephanie
Sometimes she is very weird but most of the time she is nice

Honestly, other than the fact that she isn't four anymore.  This sums up my sister pretty well.  She's great.

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