Giving Thanks

Doug and I had the most wonderful Thanksgiving up in Santa Cruz.  If my brother wouldn't have been stuck in crummy old Virginia, I would say that it was the best Thanksgiving EVER.  We spent Thanksgiving at my grandparent's house with 60 of closest family members. (Haha, yes, we have a very large family).  We had three turkeys including one that my Uncle David deep fried after watching many "What not to do" videos online.  When we arrived at the house, we asked where my Uncle David was so that we could go say hi.  My grandpa told me that he was behind the garage frying the turkey.  After wandering around trying to find him, we spotted him in the middle of a field with the deep fryer.  He wanted to be very sure that there was no risk of a fire, so he had decided to set up shop waaay far away from anything flammable.  We all thought it was a pretty funny sight, Uncle David in the middle of a field with the turkey.  The other highlight of the meal were some brussel sprouts seasoned with bacon and vinegar that rocked my world.  Who knew that brussel sprouts could be so delicious?
My sister and I with our cousins, Corinne and Kristen.
My cousins Corinne and Scott with their little Lucy.  She is such a cutie and a most excellently dressed baby!

My dad came to Thanksgiving at my grandma's house too!  It was so nice to have him there and to get to spend a holiday with both of my parents. 

Keeping with family tradition, we woke up at 5am on Friday morning for some black Friday shopping.  Our successes this year were rather limited, but we still had fun.  The only thing that I bought were some boots for 30% off from Macy's.  You can get coupons in the newspaper for that discount, but whatever, my sister will be very happy on Christmas morning.  Not so surprised though.  She picked them out.  My family doesn't do so well with the whole "It's supposed to be a surprise" thing. 

After we finish our girls-only shopping, we always meet up with the boys for some breakfast.

Jessie with the two babies.

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