I got these beautiful babies at Burlington Coat Factory for a cool $20. 

Amazing, right?  I'm super excited to make good use of them this winter. (Rain, please?  Please, please?)  I already have big plans for them involving my new grey skinny jeans that I got at Ross for $13.00 and some black leg warmers that I got for Christmas last year. 

There is just one very sad problem- the rubber smell is overpoweringly awful!  Seriously, Doug insists that we roll down the window in the car whenever I wear them so that we don't get headaches.  When I visited my dad a few weeks ago, he informed me that I had B.O.  In his words, "Lizzie, you smell a little ripe."  I had just taken a shower; I had on clean clothes, but I had stopped wearing deodorant a few months ago (more on this later).  Obviously, I panicked.  After forcing both my mother and Doug to shove their faces into the inside of my jacket and my armpits, we concluded that it was not me that smelled bad. It was the boots...  This was a relieving revelation but very depressing at the same time.  Currently, my boots are airing out on our deck.  Here's hoping that they come back inside fresh and stench free.  If not, I think I'll settle for "B.O." over not wearing these totally awesome boots...

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  1. These are so cute!! I just tried some on at Costco but was told "It doesn't rain here - you don't need those." Now I wish I would have bought them!