Party Time!

My cousin, David, is getting married in December and had a West Coast reception in Santa Cruz on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We got to meet his fiance for the first time over the holiday, and I am so glad that she is becoming part of our family.  She is sweet, friendly, transparent, and honest and I think she will be a great partner for David. 
David and his soon-to-be bride.
More photos from the reception:
My hott Mom and Grandma setting up for the celebration.  I hope that I age as well as they do.
The lovebirds.

The nugget learned how to walk and she is pretty dang excited about it!

At the reception, we got line dancing and salsa lesson!  Any excuse to get on the dance floor and we are there!

Another close friend of ours, Steve, got married on the same day down in San Luis Obispo, so Doug took off early to head down for his wedding.  I kept the camera and don't have any pictures of their event, but I am so happy and excited for Steve and Emily's life together.  Congratulations you two!!!!

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