The Solemn Vow

Last week was a whirlwind of Christmas cheer.  Here are the highlights:

1. We mailed out all of our Christmas cards! (So check your mail...)  We bought 100 and had exactly two leftover.  See, I refuse to have more than 100 friends.  It's my maximum.  This year, I dropped 4 friends.  One got a cat, two lost weight so I can no longer fit in their clothes, and the last one sent me too many chain letters.  Since I only made two new friends this year, I have a vacancy for two.  Interested in filling the spots?  Send me an email with your shoe size, a picture of your closet, and an essay titled Lizzie, the Beautiful. 

2. New apartment?  Check!  We signed our lease on Wednesday.

3. The Young Adults group at our church took a boat cruise through Naples to see all of the Christmas lights.  We sang Christmas carols and ate Greek food as Captain Corey navigated the narrow canals.

4. Our high school students came over for a White Elephant Exchange.  Doug and I both lead small groups at our church, and our kids are the greatest.

5. Doug received this Christmas mug at the High School Staff party and made a solemn vow:
"I solemnly vow to use only this mug until Christmas." 
Well Doug, if it's that important to you.  I will support you on your journey.

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