archer four months

Archie Lee is four months old!

Height: 75-90%
Weight: 14lbs 3oz (50%)

Here is what our little guy is up to these days:

  • Has been rolling over from his back to his front (but only onto his left side) since three months.  He will occasionally roll from his front to his back and sort of slowly barrel roll across the room.
  • Smiles easily and has been belly laughing since three months.  Kennedy is great at getting him to laugh.
  • Transitioned from the rock n play to the crib. Puts himself down for naps easily.  Getting him down for sleep at night is hard.  He seems to wake up over and over again until about 9:00.  Was sleeping through the night after that but since we changed to the crib, he's been waking up more.
  • Nursing much more quickly now.  Maybe 20 minutes total.  Haven't tried a bottle yet.  Who am I kidding, I probably never will.
  • He's a super rashy kid like Violet was.  I've cut dairy out of my diet and it seems to be helping. Since we already don't eat a lot of dairy anymore because of Violet's allergy, it doesn't seem half as torturous as it was when I had to do it with Violet.
Check out those baby blues

  •  Overall a good natured little guy and an amazing blessing to our family.  Praise God who has brought us so much joy through this little one.

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