kennedy four and a half

Kennedy Jane.  How are you possibly so big?

Fun Facts about Miss K:
  • Kennedy is a super sister and mommy's big helper.  This girl blesses me with her helpful attitude daily.
  • Kennedy loves accessorizing.  She typically wears a crown, large bow, necklace, and tights.  It's so fun to watch her develop her own style.
  • We're still doing school two days a week and recently she began staying for lunch.
  • This girl loves her friends.  She has so much fun playing with other kids.  Some of her favorite friends are Conor and Addie, Culver, Natalie, Aisley, and Melody.
  • Girlfriend will try any food and loves almost all of it.  She eats mushrooms, veggies, hot sauce, her tastes surprise me every day!
  • Can write all uppercase letters and her name.  Can spell simple things if I help her sound them out.
We love having fancy tea parties with Mommy's china 
Mom's day at preschool.  Such a fun time with my girl!

Kennedy I love watching God grow you as his child.  We are so blessed to have you as our daughter!

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