six months old

Happy half-Birthday to our sweet baby!  The last six months have FLOWN BY.  I know everyone says that, but man oh man, it is true!

Weight: 16 lbs (50%)
Height: 28 in (95%)

Isn't this picture amazing?  It was taken by our friend, Emily (Ben and Mary Beth's big sister.)

At six months you:
  • Are tall and skinny just like your daddy.  You don't seems skinny to us, but I guess the fact that you're still in size 1 diapers kind of speaks for itself.
  • Love your toes!  You try to eat them all day.  Most of time you are successful.
  • You've grown out of most of your 3 month clothes.  You still wear 3 month pants, but we call them capris now.

  • Blow raspberries like no one's business.  Sometimes it's slightly embarrassing when we're out in public...
  • Continue to scoot in a circle and roll from back to front a ton.  You don't really roll from tummy to back anymore.  You prefer to be on your stomach.
  • Sleep 10-12 hours at night and take a 2 hour nap in the morning.  The afternoon nap is a bit unpredictable.  Sometimes I'll get an hour out of you, but it's usually just a quick 15 minutes.
  • Are so much better in the car.  You only fuss if you're tired or if we've been driving too long.  Such a relief!
  • Sit up!  And then get over it or see a toy you want and tip over.
You love:
  • New faces.  You love being out where there are new people.  You save your biggest smiles for strangers.
  • Your jumperoo.
  • Iphones.  For eating.

You don't love:
  • Being away from mom and dad.  We continue to have struggles with nursery.
  • Your stroller.  You don't hate it per say...but you get over it pretty quick.  The ergo is usually a better option.

Highlights of the Month:
  • Eating rice cereal for the first time last week. We had a slight issue though...we used some old frozen breast milk and discovered that it was spoiled after we fed it to you.  Sorry about that.  Luckily, you didn't get sick.  Probably because only about a teaspoon made it into your tummy.
  • We joined a playgroup!  We meet every Thursday, and it is so much fun.  You love watching the other babies, and I love talking to the other mommies!
  • Visiting Santa Cruz for baby Charlotte Grace's shower.  Of course, I didn't take any pictures at the actual shower, but we had such a great time celebrating the coming of a new sweet baby girl.  We can't WAIT to meet her!
  • Going to the Aquarium for the first time with the Eroens.  Seriously, everything is more fun with a two year old.  Each and every exhibit was thrilling.  Thrilling, I tell you.  Even, like, the lame non-colorful fish.
  • Baby's first Boardwalk trip with Mor mor, Grandpa Cliff, Uncle Brent, and Auntie Jamie!

Baby girl, we love you SOOOO much, and we have a hard time remembering life without you.  You are the greatest gift ever!  We pray every day that we can raise you up to follow Jesus and put him first in your life.  We are enjoying watching you grow and learn every day.

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  1. It makes me so happy that you are finally seeing how much I love you!!!!