violet's birth story part two

I waited in the the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity until I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I buzzed the nurses station and told them that I hadn't felt the baby move in awhile.  They sent someone out with some juice and closed the door.  Welp.   That didn't work as well as I was hoping...

I told Doug at one point that if I didn't get a room in the next ten minutes, we were leaving to go have the baby at the other local hospital.  Yep.  I was crazy.

I decided to try again.

I buzzed the nurses station for the third time that night and told them that I really thought that I was having the baby soon and could someone at least check my dilation.  The nurse literally rolled her eyes at me (I don't blame her for this.  They were obviously very, very busy and I'm sure that she was exausted) but took me into a triage room to check me out.  As is standard, she handed me a gown so that I could discretely undress while she stepped out of the room, but I pulled all my clothes off as fast as I could with her standing right there and was ready to be checked.  I was beyond modesty.  She checked me, and I was at 7 cm.  I breathed a sigh of relief that I wasn't going to have the baby in the waiting room quite yet, but apparently 7 cm is far enough along that the nurse got all flustered and kicked into high gear.  She immediately started hooking me up to monitors and told me that she hoped I didn't have to have the baby in triage.

"I want my epidural!" were the next words out of my mouth.  Well, apparently the anesthesiologist was in surgery.  A few minutes later (Doug says.  It felt like a year to me) I was moved into a delivery room and given an IV.  Man, labor is no joke.  It hurts.  I just kept telling Doug over and over, "I NEED DRUGS!"   I asked the nurse if she could give me some fentanyl through my IV to take off the edge until I got the epidural.  No luck.  Eventually the anesthesiologist was ready and I got my epidural at 8 cm.  Ahhhhhhhh, sweet, sweet relief.  It immediately made everything groovy, and I lay in bed texting my friends and family that baby Violet would be here soon.

Once I had my epidural, my contractions slowed down a lot.  My water hadn't broken yet, and the baby was still high, so Doug and I hung out and waited for something to happen.  This is when the story gets a little weird and graphic.  Feel free to skip to the end if you want.  I had a very large water bag and the contractions began to push it out of me.  It ended up partially coming out.  With every contraction, it blew up like a water balloon.  That was really, really weird.  And painful.  The nurse upped my epidural, but it still hurt.  I was beyond ready to have the baby.  The nurse informed me that I was at 10 cm and complete, but they were going to wait to deliver me because my doctor wasn't there yet, and my water hadn't broken.  A while later, Violet began to go into distress, so the nurse paged the on call doctor, and he had to scrub out of surgery to come deliver me immediately.  He broke my water, I pushed a few times, and she was here!  Even though I think I only pushed two or three times, I remember thinking at one point, "This sucks.  This is hard.  What would happen if I just stopped pushing."  But out she came with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck!  She didn't cry right away, but the nurses had her screaming in no time.  Our sweet little Violet.  The Lord has blessed us with two girls and we are so thankful!

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