kennedy five years old

Kennedy is five years old!  Wow, five seems so big to me.  Kennedy has gone from being a toddler to a kid.  It's crazy to see all the ways she is grown up now.  Kennedy is an attentive and helpful big sister.  She has always loved babies and smaller children.  One day she will be an awesome mommy! Kennedy loves school and is very social there.

Height: 42 inches (90%)
Weight: 37lbs (75%)

Last day of being a Super Star

Fun Facts about Kennedy:

  • Conor is her best friend
  • Hates cheese
  • Loves one on one time
  • Loves dressing up- especially fancy shoes
  • Working really hard on her letters and numbers.
Kennedy, we love watching you grow as God's child, and we pray that you continue to be rooted in Him.  We love you so much!

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