My Ride

This spring, I got promoted into a Sales position.  And no, unfortunately, I don't have to go door to door selling any of these treasures.  What I do is use my engineering background to help select a product that best suits my customer's needs. One of the perks of my new position was a company car.  "Car" might be a bit of an understatement.  Meet my beast:
Moving from my nice compact little VW Passat to this monster has been quite an adjustment.  Thank goodness that my company pays for gas and insurance on this bad boy because I can't even imagine how that would affect the budget.  At least weekly, some man that I don't even know will walk up to me at a gas station or in a parking lot and say, "That's an awfully big truck for such a little girl," "I think this car is too big for you," or, my personal favorite,  "You look like a bobble head driving around in that thing." (wuh?) I usually just put my head down, mumble something about it being a company car, and tell myself that they are just trying to make conversation.  Another thing that I never, ever noticed before is the height limits on parking garages and fast food drive-thrus. I always find myself ducking when I drive through them. 

I always thought then when I became a soccer mom, I would want some kind of massive SUV.
And yes, when I become a soccer mom, I intend on keeping my vehicles adorned with fresh flowers at all times.
   Lately, however, I've realized that I am much better suited for something like this**.
Because that definitely won't attract the attention of random men...

**May or may not be  foreshadowing my Halloween costume

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  1. Did you know that "perk" is short for perquisite?
    [pur-kwuh-zit] Show IPA
    an incidental payment, benefit, privilege, or advantage over and above regular income, salary, or wages: Among the president's perquisites were free use of a company car and paid membership in a country club.
    a gratuity or tip.
    something demanded or due as a particular privilege: homage that was once the perquisite of royalty.