Little Nugget

This little nugget turned one!
Isn't she just the greatest thing ever?  Yeah, I think so too.  My cousin, Jessica, and Addy moved up to Santa Cruz earlier this year, and has been such a wonderful blessing to the whole family.  Every time we go up north to visit family and friends, we get to see her sweet little face.  She is such a curious and inquisitive little girl.  I love watching her facial expressions as she explores and discovers new things.

Addy and her mama.
Addy loves her grandpa.
Addy and her posse in San Luis Obispo.
Addy at the fair with Jessica, Lizzie, and two men on horseback that she wasn't a huge fan of.

Jessica is such a great mom to her and works so hard to make sure that Addy has everything that she needs.   Happy Birthday Addison!

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  1. sometimes jessica and i look so much alike it's scarrry!!