pumpkin patch

My dream of dreams was to go to the pumpkin patch in Avila Beach, but we decided it was a bit ambitious to drive all the way up to SLO for a pumpkin patch experience that Kennedy could probably care less about.  We stayed local and went to a pretty cheesy little pumpkin patch in the parking lot of our local mall.

Now, calling this place a pumpkin "patch" is perhaps an elaboration.  The pumpkins are pre-picked and are waiting in neat little piles around the hay covered tent for selection.  All that being said, we had a great time!  Kennedy got to see animals, eat hay, and saw lots of pumpkins. Since then, whenever she sees a pumpkin, she points to it like she knows it's something special.  We make many stops on our morning walk to admire the neighbor's pumpkins, and she always spots them in the grocery store.

Baby's first pumpkin patch SUCCESS!  We had a great photo op and didn't feel the least bit guilty when we only stayed for twenty minutes.  If we would have driven more than ten minutes down the road, I would have been determined to stay longer.  "You WILL look at more pumpkins and you WILL like it."

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