Christmas in Oregon

On December 23rd, we flew up to Boise, Idaho to spend our Christmas in Oregon.  At the airport, Doug and I experienced our first "flash mob" dance at the Boise Airport to the tune of DJ's Got Us Falling in Love Again.  And yes, they are country dancing to Usher.

Doug's brothers rented a car and drove up from New Mexico.  Check out their sweet licence plate:

  We got to spend time with cousins that we don't get to see very often (I met some of them for the first time!)

We hiked up to the tops of hills on the family property so that we could sled and snowboard down:

 The boys shot their guns.

Doug and I wandered and explored all over the property .  Well, not ALL OVER.  The farm is around 1,000 acres.
 It was the first Christmas in seven years that all six of the Hulse brothers have been together!

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  1. Was so very bummed to have missed you guys when you were in the PNW! Looks like you had a good time - although next time, stick around a little longer and you can see even more snow to sled and snowboard in! :)