Who am I?

Check out my sweet tights. Yep.  They are green.  My beauutiful mother bought them for me for my birthday after I told her that I would like some colorful tights to add spunk to my mostly neutral winter attire.  These babies took their first spin on my legs while we were up in Oregon.  When I put them on in the morning, I looked down on my legs and thought, "These really remind me of something."

Throughout the day, whenever I looked down, I could not shake a feeling that these tights represented something that I could not put my finger on.  Suddenly that evening, it came to me.  I stood up and asked, "Doug, who am I?" He just looked confused.  I guess I didn't really give him much guidance as to what kind of answer I was looking for.  He could have said, "Lizzie", "my wife", "a princess", "the most amazing woman in the world."  All would have been true.

Then I said, "I'll never grow up, not me!"  Silly Lizzie, you are Peter. (Said in my best British accent so that it sounds like "Pea-tah."

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