A new toy and some other new-s.

Well, hello there.

Check out the new piece of hardware that I'm holding.  You see, my mother got a new camera for Christmas, so I am having lots of fun playing with her old one...and hoping that she will never ask for it back.  So far, I have to say, the pictures look worse than they do with my trusty old point and shoot.  I think that I might need to take a class.

In other news or "new-s" as I like to call it, I had to find a way to tie the two topics of my post together.  Wasn't I clever?  Ahem... in other news:

Two of our best friends are getting married this year!

Brent and Jamie got engaged over New Years weekend!

And Mallory and Josh got engaged this weekend!

Doug and I are so thrilled for both of them and are hoping that they will follow a little verse found in Genesis (1:22, to be exact) as soon as possible.

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