Day 20

This morning I left sunny California for the beautiful city of St. Louis, Missouri to attend my company's annual Sales Meeting.  I'll be busy the rest of the week "networking."  Ugh... I hate that word.  I prefer to call it "hanging out with my friends."  See, in my mind, all of my coworkers and customers are my friends, not people forced to work with me in order to keep their facilities in production.  I'll be telling Doug a story and say, "oh, my friend, {insert coworker}, {did this really funny thing}," and he'll say, "Uh... do you mean your coworker?"  Then I get real depressed.

Anyway, I scheduled a few posts before I left to keep you entertained the rest of the week.  And...rumor has it...Doug might be guest posting...the blog is called "Doug + Lizzie" after all...

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