Second Chance Saturday

I finally pulled off another Second Chance Saturday!  Today seemed like a good day to bring back this outfit because it's raining today in LA, and it was raining the day that we took this picture.  Welcome back token "in front of Dad's fireplace at Christmas time" picture outfit.  My stepmom, Chris, does the best Christmas decorating.

The Good:
  • I love this sweater.  I feel like I can throw it on over anything for instant chic.
  • The sweater has enough detail that it can be worn with a plain black shirt and dark denim without looking boring.
The Bad:
  • The black shirt that I am wearing underneath the sweater isn't form fitting, and the jeans are wide leg jeans.  Nothing is hugging my body or giving me any shape.
  • Like I said, it was raining that day.  My feet were wet :(
  • I've mentioned before that I believe short sleeved sweaters need to be layered with something long sleeved underneath.  Don't hold me to that.  I might change my mind.  
  • My forehead.  It needs to go away.

Well hello there.

The Solution:

  • I chose a more fitted shirt with long sleeves and my denim leggings to balance the loose sweater and to cover up my bare arms.
  • Wet feet?  Solved.
  • Bye bye forehead.  I got bangs.

1 comment:

  1. WOW! Love the new haircut - and not to mention the stylish outfit! :) Where have you guys been? Haven't seen you around lately! We should plan a Fiesta Friday or some get together.