Day 18

Welcome to my first ever Second Chance Saturday!  As I explained in my last post, I will be restyling my outfit from Day 7.

We'll begin by dissecting the outfit.  Once we figure out what worked in the outfit and what went wrong, we'll be able to restyle the outfit effectively.

The Good:
  • The scarf!  I love the pattern with the pop of pink.
  • My oxfords look perfectly lady like with this sweater dress.

The Bad:
  • First and foremost, the capri leggings.  They cut off my legs and make them look super short.  Also, the defined waist line of the dress, the bottom hem of the dress, the capri leggings, and my white legs against the oxfords each create a horizontal line that segment my body.  This outfit chops me up into 5 pieces.
  • The lack of texture in this outfit.  The dress and the leggings are both a flat fabric.  The only item of interest is the scarf.
  • Bare arms with a sweater dress.  It just seems wrong.  If it's cold enough to wear a sweater dress, shouldn't I be covering my arms?
Day 7, meet Day 18.

The Solution:
  • I replaced the capri leggings with textured tights to both add some visual interest, cover up my absurd whiteness, and lengthen my legs.
  • The black turtleneck covers up my nakey arms and ties in the black shoes to the rest of the outfit.
  • My grey hat (again, knitted by my sistey) also adds texture to the outfit and hides the fact that I didn't do my hair today (shhhhh).
You like?

And that, my friends, was my closet's first shot at a second chance.


  1. Love the second chance! You're such a Lucy & I are so excited to seeyou when we come up for your moms wedding. Lucy is getting so big you won't even recognize her. Love you!

    ps..I love reading your blog keep it up!!