Day 5

I've been having some strugs with figuring out how to remix this sweater.  I included it in my 30 because I absolutely loved it when Doug bought it for me for my birthday back in November, but I have only worn it once.  I had hoped that I would have strokes of genius regarding how to remix it once my creative juices started flowing. 

I brought this sweater down to San Diego to wear out on Saturday night, but I am learning that it doesn't play well with others.  Other clothes I mean.  The sweater spoke to me last night in a dream and told me that it needs a neutral shoe (maybe a gold or beige) and a wider leg pant.  Then it asked me to please start wearing deodorant.  Unfortunately, I decided that a friend for this sweater isn't worth my 30th item, so I'll try again soon with what I have.

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