Day 13

Hmm... should I have worn brown boots with this outfit instead of my oxfords?  Probably.  I was tempted to change when I got home and take new pictures, but I'm determined to be honest with the challenge.  What's the point of blogging about my outfits if you aren't learning from my mistakes, right?  The problem is, this sweater is a really strange color.  It's sort of a browny-gray.  I feel like it can go either way.  I need to experiment a bit more...

These are the sophomores in my small group.  Aren't they the cutest?  I just adore them.  And this weekend, we're going to Winter Camp!  I have been praying that my girls will have a radical experience with God up at camp.  I'm so excited for them to be immersed in that intense camp experience, and I know that God is going to move in big ways.  If you think about us this weekend, keep our students in your prayers!

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