Recap: Days 1-10

I can't believe I'm already 1/3 of the way done with my remix.  I haven't even worn all of my picks yet!  My favorite outfits were Days 3 and 9.  That $6.99 F21 skirt has done me a solid.  Especially since I only bought it for my Halloween costume

My least favorite?  Day 7.  Capri leggings?  Not exactly.  They're actually workout spandex from Walmart.  And I think that they should stay that way.  

What were your favorites?  ...or least favorites if I must ask...

Well, I'm off to enjoy a night on the town with my Valentine.


  1. I really like 8. I think it is a comfort thing for me I just love denim and black. Oh, and red shoes... you can't go wrong with red shoes! My absolute favorite so far is 9! I love the different textures but I also think you showed how black and brown can play well together as nuetrals. The thing I like best about it though is the open neck line. The scoop neck shirt with the deep v of the sweater that gathers at the narrowest part of your waist is very figure flattering! A+

  2. I vote for day 4...
    Who is your photographer? Those are some pretty good shots.

  3. Gonna say a tie - between Day 4 (love the bright pop of color with the sweater and scarf) and Day 8 (I'm a total sucker for red shoes).
    You are an inspiration - makes me want to see what I can mix up from my own closet.