Day 3

Well, we an awesome weekend in San Diego.  Doug got to surf all weekend with his buddy, John, and I got to hang out with my love, Sarah.  Sarah and I met in high school at Freshman Orientation.  I think she thought that I was really weird (ok fine, I KNOW she did because she told me), but I forced her to be my friend. Here we are, 14 years later, and she still just can't say no.  It's going pretty well for me.

The Highlights of Doug's Weekend:

1. A bloody mary with a crab claw in it. 

2. A giant breakfast with lots of coffee.  Doug and I hardly ever go out for big greasy breakfasts because I can't eat eggs, and as for pancakes?  Disgusting.  Soggy bread soaked in syrup?  No thanks.

The Highlights of My Weekend:

1. Double whammy two nights in a row dance parties with Sarah.

2. Taking Sarah's ridiculously cute puppy, Pepe, on a hike and then to the doggie play area at Balboa Park.

Why this high waisted look works: The pencil skirt adds curves to my bottom half while the v-neck minimizes my top half.

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