Day 2

Sometimes I plan out blog postings in my head while I'm in the car.  I'll just sit there giggling to myself.  Sometimes Doug is in the car with me when I do this.  Sometimes Rachel.  Sometimes both.  I prefer it to be both.  That way they can chat as I write clever little entries in my head.

Yesterday was a planblogpostinginhead day.  It all started when I was working from home, forgot about street sweeping on Wednesday morning, and sprinted out to my car minutes after a $45 ticket was issued.  Ok, so $45 doesn't exactly break the bank, but this was the 3rd parking ticket of our household in 2011 (parking = #1 downside of beach life).  I was furious with myself for forgetting, but I was determined that some good would come out of the situation.  Then it came to me: I decided to wait to announce my parking ticket until Day 3 of my challenge.  Get it, 3 parking tickets, 3 days?  It was brilliant.  Trust me, you were going to laugh real hard.

Then I woke up this morning.  I left for work on time.  It wasn't a Wednesday.  I walked waaay down the street to where Doug had parked my car.  And sitting on my window?  Another ticket.  I decided right then and there that I just couldn't wait until Day 4.

A little tip: I attempted an outfit very similar to this last winter at Leigha's baby shower. 

Awkward.   As you can see, it didn't work out so well. Women who are top heavy but small and straight on the bottom can't wear such a dramatic high waist.  I managed to temper the high waisted aspect of the skirt this time around by untucking the shirt to add length to my top half but belting the skirt to maintain the silhouette.


  1. Oh Lizzie- I miss you! I made the cut this year for your holiday cards (woo hoo!) and found that you included your fun blog web address. Now let me be honest, I'm not usually into blogs unless there are little kidos included- naked baby butt pics and all- but I LOVE reading your blog. Keep them coming!

  2. i love the skirt!!