Day 6

 My mom and Cliff stopped by on their way home from a mini-vacation to watch the Superbowl with us.  Doug made potato skins and tri-tip sliders, and I made rice crispy treats. 
I'm not feeling very funny or clever at the moment.  I've been having this weird rapid heart rate that leads to passing out thing going on lately, so I'm headed to the doctor tomorrow.  It's totally scary, and it has happened a few times when I've been at customer sites which makes it very difficult and awkward to excuse myself to sit down.  My dad gets something similar and has told me about some home remedies, but most of them are pretty unrealistic.  For example: Dunking your head in an ice water bath or standing on your head.  Probably not going to work out when I'm making a sales call...

The good news: My shirt has pockets.


  1. I hope you are okay! I like all of your cute outfits, you're a great blogger! Love you tons!

    ps I think Lucy & I are going to make it to your Moms wedding! woohoo!

  2. Hey - what happened with the dr's appt? Keeping you in my prayers.